FreeAgent introduces ‘Balance at bank’

10th May 2021
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Award-winning accounting software provider FreeAgent has released new functionality to help you and your clients identify whether their bank account balance matches their bank balance in FreeAgent.

FreeAgent Balance at Bank feature

If your clients have a bank feed enabled, the ‘Balance at bank’ functionality will highlight whether there is a mismatch between their bank account balance and their bank balance in FreeAgent, based on their most recent imported transaction. 

Nicola Darroch from Darroch Accountancy Ltd, who helped test the new functionality, said: “FreeAgent’s ‘Balance at bank’ functionality is really useful for my practice. By knowing when there’s a mismatch between a client’s bank account balance and their FreeAgent bank balance, I’m able to reconcile many of my clients’ bank transactions. The functionality allows me to see a client’s true bank balance without having to chase them for statements. It also helps when it comes to onboarding new clients.”

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