FreeAgent introduces project-level profit and loss reports

26th Sep 2019
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Award-winning cloud accounting provider, FreeAgent, announced a new product release this week which allows clients using FreeAgent to generate project-level profit and loss (P&L) reports.

Aimed at helping clients who want a more in-depth view of their costs, income and profitability from specific projects, this new report is great for anyone in property, landscape gardening or construction who tend to create a separate projects for properties or jobs.

With the option to include or exclude unbillable time, project-level P&L reports can help expose what the biggest costs were for any given project. This clarity around profitability can help clients assess which types of projects are better for their bank balances and potentially cut down on any excessive costs.

Users also have the option of downloading and exporting these reports as either a CSV or PDF, which can prove useful when comparing multiple projects or reporting on successes and challenges.

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