FreeAgent introduces the Corporation Tax CT600 form

28th Oct 2020
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Award-winning accounting software provider FreeAgent recently launched the Final Accounts report and mentioned at the time that this was part of a larger project to fully support Final Accounts and Corporation Tax submissions.

FreeAgent has now taken the next step on this journey, with the release of form CT600. Suitable for most micro-entities, the form is automatically generated from clients’ Final Accounts reports, with all the boxes pre-filled.

What’s next?

With the Final Accounts report and form CT600 now available, FreeAgent’s remaining work is to allow accountants and bookkeepers to file their clients’ year-end company accounts directly to HMRC and Companies House. FreeAgent will be integrating e-signature capture into the filing process so your clients can approve their accounts before you file them.

Once FreeAgent has a full filing solution available, accountants and bookkeepers will no longer need to import clients’ data into a third-party software in order to file their year-end accounts, saving both time and money.

Find out more about how FreeAgent can help you work with your small business clients here.

FreeAgent CT600