FreeAgent releases new features to help your clients get paid faster

12th Nov 2020
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This week, award-winning cloud accounting provider FreeAgent has released new features designed to help your clients get paid faster.

FreeAgent releases new features to help your clients get paid faster

One-off invoice reminders

Our automated email reminder feature is a popular choice among small business users for hands-free payment chasing but sometimes getting paid on time requires a personal touch.

Your clients can now send one-off reminder emails for overdue invoices from the invoice list screen in their FreeAgent accounts. Clients simply need to select the ‘Send now’ option on any overdue invoice to send a reminder email to their customer immediately.

Redesigned Monday Motivator

If your clients that use FreeAgent have any overdue invoices at the start of the week they’ll now see this highlighted in the recently redesigned Monday Motivator email.

The email also includes the Admin To-Do list, which is helping many small business owners stay on top of their bookkeeping tasks in FreeAgent.

Insights on Mobile

Lastly, we’ve updated the Radar screen on our iOS and Android apps. These now show your clients tailored Insights along with the Admin To-Do list, so your clients can keep on top of their admin while you focus on the bigger picture.

Find out more about how FreeAgent can help you work with your small business clients.