FreeAgent study reveals 25% of small business owners have no plans to fund their retirement

19th Aug 2019
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Award-winning cloud accounting provider, FreeAgent, revealed in a new study that 25% of small business owners have no current plans or arrangements to fund their retirement. 

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FreeAgent recently undertook some research with the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) to find out just how prepared self-employed people are when it comes to their retirement.

A quarter (25%) of the 490 people surveyed said that they have no current plans or arrangements to fund their retirement whatsoever, while just under half (49%) said they make contributions towards the State Pension. Meanwhile, a quarter (25%) said that they contribute into a non-employer private or personal pension plan.

Some small business owners appear to rely on pension funds that they paid into during their previous careers in employment. Around a quarter (28%) said they have a legacy employer pension that they no longer pay into, while 10% said they have an employer pension plan that they still contribute towards.

Interestingly, just 4% of the people surveyed said that they plan to sell their business in order to support their retirement, while a fifth (21%) said they have other investments, such as property or ISAs, that will help to support them.

Finally, FreeAgent’s survey found that small business owners seem to be divided on the question of whether pension auto-enrolment should be introduced to the self-employment sector. Almost half the respondents (45%) said they would opt in to this kind of arrangement if it existed for self-employed people. By contrast, 24% of survey respondents said they would choose to opt out of pension auto-enrolment, while nearly a third (33%) said they didn’t know what they would do if they were presented with the option.

With self-employment in the UK rising steadily, the issue of retirement planning for small business owners is bound to become a major talking point in the months and years to come.

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