FreeAgent unveils multi-currency bills

13th Aug 2019
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Last week, award-winning cloud accounting provider FreeAgent unveiled its new look (and multi-currency) bills. 

For many clients, staying on top of their supplier payments isn’t the most glamorous part of running a business but keeping track of costs is crucial for managing cash flow. To make this process easier, the Bills area of FreeAgent has just been given a major makeover, including the introduction of multi-currency bills.

Redesigned bills

Accountants and their clients can now see an individual page for each bill which shows information like amounts, due dates, payment statuses and more. It is also now possible to click through to the relevant bank transaction if a bill has been paid.

New look bills in FreeAgent

Multi-currency bills

The other big change is that clients can now create bills in foreign currencies. Any foreign currency bills will be revalued against their native currency daily until the bill is paid, at which point the currency gains or losses are realised.

New Connections area

To prepare the way for some exciting new features that are coming soon, FreeAgent has also introduced a brand new Connections area into FreeAgent. This is the new home for connections with HMRC (for filing MTD VAT returns), the new Open Banking bank feeds and integrations with other third parties. 

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