Funding playbook

Brought to you by Capitalise

Funding is one of the top three subjects clients ask for advice on from accountants. Capitalise presents a funding guide to help you better service your clients win prospects and beat competitors.

If you own a small firm, you probably don’t consider funding to be part of your core business. However, technology has now made it possible to have a great number of online lending platforms. As a result, regardless of the size of your firm, you now have the capacity to offer your clients a funding solution that could help you build relationships and raise revenue.

So what can you do for a client seeking funding?

New clients

Your clients will need funding at different points in their business’ life cycle. To make sure your clients look for your services when they need funding you will need to inform them and let them know the solution is available to them in the first place. According to ICAEW, 48% of SME owners name their accountant as their most trusted business adviser, which presents you with a unique opportunity to let them know the finance options available.

Be sure to make funding a key part of your on boarding process. Ask clients about their bank balance, and their borrowing position as well as their future borrowing needs. It’s also worth asking about any specific cash flow requirements.

Existing clients

You can also find out if it is a good time to offer a funding solution to your existing clients by asking them a few questions. For instance, you can send out a survey with questions about growth, capital requirements, overdrafts, borrowing etc. By being proactive, you can show your clients you care about them whilst identifying new opportunities for your firm.

For more information and useful tips about how to introduce funding services to your clients, download the full Funding Playbook.