Gain a competitive edge through better client communication

18th Feb 2020
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Is your accounting firm talking to its clients? Having frequent contact, checking in on progress and clearly communicating your accounting advice are fundamental parts of gaining your clients’ trust – and adding the business value they truly want from you as a trusted advisor.

But how do you manage your client communication?

An easy-to-use client relationship management (CRM) system is a must if you want to improve client communication, gain trust and give your firm this all-important competitive edge.

Increasing your client knowledge to add more value

Trust is at the heart of the advisory proposition. Good communication and frequent contact with your clients help to build this trust and increase your perceived value to clients. 

Half of small business owners say their accountant knows them very well – but when they described their accountant as a trusted advisor, that number jumped to 84%, according to recent statistics from Xero and OnPay. Knowing the detail of your client’s business, their goals as an owner and what keeps them awake at night is the bedrock of a trusted accountant/client relationship – but this enhanced communication needs the right processes, systems and record-keeping to keep it on track.

Keeping track of every client interaction

A CRM system, like Capsule, gives you a crystal-clear overview of all your clients, main contacts and their personal information – and this data is gold dust when it comes to managing your client interactions and keeping yourself in the loop. 

The more you know about your contacts, the easier it becomes to engage with them. To this end, a robust, cloud-based CRM solution helps you:

  • Monitor each client’s business status – use tags to keep track of whether a client is trading, paused or closed, and other personalised data relating to the client’s business. Filter your client portfolio by the date they were last contacted, town, last update etc. and give your firm the advantage of prioritising the right clients, at the right time.
  • Track each and every client interaction – having a ‘breadcrumb trail’ of your client-facing communications is a huge help. Keep track of all emails, phone calls and client meetings in one system and quickly see exactly how, and when, you’ve last contacted each client. Capsule also features email integration, with an email Dropbox and GMail add-on that helps you get real control over your client email management.
  • Log clients’ business challenges – your CRM system can also help you keep a record of your clients’ pain points, all in one place. By logging each challenge or issue, you always know their current business status, where they may be in need of additional services and how things stand from a client relationship perspective.
  • Stay on top of compliance requirements – an automatic reminder of when the next filing date is due or customer meeting is scheduled will keep you on top of your critical activities. Creating step-by-step tasks in your CRM that work towards or from a date will help make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks. 

Start using Capsule to boost client communication

If you want to get in control of your client interactions and build greater trust, try out Capsule CRM – and see the difference it makes to the quality of your client communication.

Try Capsule free for 30 days, or choose from our Professional package for small firms, or the Team package for growing practices with larger teams. 

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