GDPR - Are you hiding under a rock?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past year you will have heard of GDPR.

Granted, mainly for reminding you of all the awful mailing lists and websites you subscribed to back in uni that have reappeared asking can they still contact you (no, Colin I don’t want to buy Viagra and I was asking for a friend anyway).

So, now we are a few months in and I asked around to see how everyone was doing getting to grips with the wonderful word of GDPR compliance. Some of them couldn’t even spell it, and most are still confused.  Some think that we have until the Brexit deadline to enforce compliance (wrong!) and many thought that by simply storing information in one place and emailing encrypted payslips to employees that it was enough to get by (wrong again!).

The two problematic areas that employers still face and which could get them in trouble down the line are data security and consolidation of employee data. And by trouble I mean a fine to the tune of £20m or 4% of your gross turnover (whichever is higher).  

You need to be absolutely sure that the data you store cannot be breached. Never mind Russia, I’m sure 15 year old Luke down the road could hack into my computer if he was bored enough. You don’t want to risk it.  

Employees now also have a right to access their information and view everything you have on their record. (Gone are the days you can write at the end of an interview sheet “the best of a bad bunch” because Barbara might ask to see it one day and then you have some explaining to do).  This can be really tricky as typically employee data is everywhere. In filing cabinets, on desktops, in the cloud. But if an employee asks to view their information, you are legally required to process their request in 40 days. Now imagine a whole department requested their data at the same time? Or imagine your computer got a virus and you lost all your employee data? Not only that but you need to make sure that the information you are holding is pertinent to your employees’ contractual requirements.

Gosh this is terrifying! If only there was a cheap and simple solution to these lingering problems that should be keeping me up at night. Well it’s funny you should mention that because there already is! The team at BrightPay Payroll Software have designed an amazing piece of cloud backup software called Connect which is the stuff that GDPR dreams are made of.

Data security

BrightPAY Connect provides a secure and user-friendly way to backup and restore your payroll data on your PC from the cloud. All communication between BrightPay Payroll on your PC and Brightpay Connect servers is carried out on a safe channel with maximum security, using various methods to protect against things like data injection, authentication hacking, request forgery and many other types of vulnerabilities. Basically it creates a fortress around your payroll data that is controlled by you. You can backup, restore old versions, upload to the Cloud. The power is in your hands, safe in the knowledge that you are using one of the most effective payroll software to comply with GDPR regulation.

Data consolidation

BrightPay Connect provides a web/mobile based self-service dashboard for employees and employers to log in and access their payroll data themselves! This enables employees to browse and download their payslips, request annual leave and most importantly view the payroll data you hold for them without having to run around like a headless chicken gathering it yourself. This is probably my favorite feature of Connect because it cuts out not just a middleman but a middle department and allows the employee greater freedom with their information, just as GDPR intended.

These are but a few of the amazing features offered by BrightPay Connect. Well, what are you waiting for, a £20m fine? Check it out for yourself at

Written By Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software


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