GDPR Mania and the new security-conscious client

1st Nov 2019
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Do you remember the heady days of May 2018? In the lead-up to GDPR D-day, the profession was consumed by a mass panic as the far-reaching data security laws loomed on the horizon. But then, the day came and passed and - nothing. Well, not exactly nothing: GDPR is in full effect, but the hectic GDPR-mania dissipated rather quickly as no massive fines or crackdowns materialised.

In an entertaining column marking GDPR’s one year anniversary, AccountingWEB’s editor Tom Herbert compared May 2018 short-lived hysteria to the Dancing Mania that swept Europe in the Middle Ages. Men and women, sometimes thousands at a time, would dance for hours on end before collapsing of exhaustion and sometimes dying on the spot. Europe’s dancing mania disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. And rather similarly, GDPR mania also slipped away into the night as 25 May came and went.

The thing is, GDPR is still very much around - and while some might procrastinate on their duties, being compliant now will pay off once the Information Commissioner’s Office pulls out the compliance stick.

Using the right payroll software, with in-built data security best practice, will make GDPR compliance a much simpler endeavour. Add in online synchronisation and automated backup of payroll data in the cloud, your data accuracy and GDPR compliance improves further.

But GDPR’s very existence indicates a deeper point: Data security is important in today’s world. Client’s expect it, especially when we store, process and send confidential information such as payslips, employee hours and payroll reports. Being compliant is not only right, but it’s also an important point of differentiation between you and your competitors.

If disaster strikes, how prepared are you for a disaster recovery situation? Or, if your computer breaks down or is hacked? Under the old regime before cloud backup, the consequences would be dire - but now, these problems can be solved quickly.

BrightPay Connect, our cloud add-on, maintains a chronological history of your backups automatically for you. These backups can be restored at any time, if required. It’s simply an added layer of data protection. And if the worst happens, you know you can salvage the situation. 

We’ve only covered one example of how BrightPay Connect can help you become more efficient. But there’s so much more on offer. Download our free guide today to discover more ways that BrightPay Connect can help you.

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