GDPR & Proof of Compliance

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Payroll bureaus cannot just tell their clients that they are compliant with the GDPR legislation. They will need to prove that they are securely protecting any data that they process and manage. Client's payroll records should be securely maintained where the information is adequately protected under the rules of GDPR. Should your bureau be subject to an audit or a GDPR breach, you will need to show evidence that demonstrates you have taken the appropriate actions to protect your organisation and your client’s payroll information.

Securely Storing Employee Data

It is advisable to password protect any of your client's payroll reports and payslips that you may email out each pay period. Your payroll software supplier should provide a password protection feature for any client reports or employee payslips that are stored and exported from the payroll software.

Bureaus will need to provide detailed information on how long the personal data will be stored for. According to HMRC guidelines, you should keep payroll records for 3 years from the end of the tax year they relate to.

Payroll Data and GDPR Free Guide

What you need to know about consent, emailing payslips, and your legal obligation

Payroll bureaus are legally obliged to protect payroll information on behalf of their clients. The guide will uncover the ins and outs of the impact of GDPR on your payroll processing, highlighting the biggest areas of concern including emailing payslips, employee consent and your legal obligation.

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Free CPD Webinar: GDPR for Payroll Bureaus

Payroll bureaus process large amounts of personal data, not least in relation to their customers, their customers’ employees, and their own employees. Consequently, the GDPR will impact most if not all areas of the business and the impact it will have cannot be overstated. In this CPD accredited webinar, we will peel back the legislation to outline clearly:

  • What is GDPR and why is it being implemented?
  • Why employers need to take it seriously
  • How it will impact payroll bureaus
  • How to prepare for GDPR
  • How we are working to help you

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