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GDPR & protecting your payroll data

1st Aug 2018
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The GDPR was brought into effect earlier this year to strengthen rules around personal data and requires all businesses to be more transparent and accountable with the data they hold and process.

The GDPR clearly states data security as one of its main rules. Not complying with GDPR just isn’t worth it. If a company is seen to be mishandling, misusing or misplacing personal data they can face with a fine that could potentially bankrupt them. Payroll bureaus and accountants process large amounts of sensitive personal data every day. It is now that these businesses should be asking some crucial questions in order to avoid a crippling fine.

Where is my client’s payroll data stored?
Does my payroll software automatically backup my client’s data?
What happens to my client’s payroll data in the event of a ransomware attack?

Luckily for those accountants that could not answer these questions, there is one solution to all these questions, BrightPay Connect.

BrightPay Connect is an optional add-on to BrightPay Payroll Software. Users of the secure cloud backup will never have to worry about losing their client’s payroll data as it will be automatically backed up every 15 minutes and once again when they close out of the payroll. This also protects that data from ransomware attacks and other threats.

As BrightPay Connect utilises the latest cloud technology and is hosted on secure Microsoft Azure servers, located in the EU, we give our customers reliability, scalability, data redundancy, geo-replication and timely security updates.

Book a demo of BrightPay Connect. In just a few minutes you’ll see how other payroll bureaus are enhancing their payroll services, strengthening their client relationships and increasing profits. Book a demo here.

Free webinar: GDPR 5 Months On!

This webinar will look at the GDPR, how it may affect your business and what we have learned from the GDPR 5 months on.


  • GDPR update - 5 months on
  • GDPR compliant employee privacy policy
  • Payroll Data & GDPR
    - Template data processor agreement
    - Employee consent
    - Emailing payslips
    - Recommended self-service access
  • BrightPay & GDPR
    - BrightPay Connect - online self-service portal
    - NEW timesheet upload (bureaus only)
    - Enhanced security measures

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Written by Cailín Reilly | BrightPay Payroll Software.


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