Getting the most from IRIS software – the features you should know about

3rd Sep 2021
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At IRIS, our team is always striving to help accountants get the most from our software.

Our experts are keen to share their knowledge to ensure customers can maximise their productivity and efficiency by capitalising on all the benefits our products provide.

Below, we share five features and tips that you should know about but may not have fully discovered or taken advantage of.

1. Andrew Parker, Team Lead – Training

Bundle Documentation for OpenSpace Approval

Combined with the new norm of remote customer communication and GDPR security, IRIS OpenSpace continues as the key functionality for IRIS users requesting approvals of accounts and tax returns. One of the most recent enhancements is the ability to bundle several documents into one PDF and seek an e- approval or an e-signature. By means of creating one document, a client can approve the accounts, tax return and any other statutory documentation all in one go. From the practice perspective this not only saves postage costs, but also reduce time delay obtaining consent for submission.

  1. Alex John, Senior Product Manage

Time-saving interactive reports

Run interactive reports instead of standard reports when generating draft financial statements. This allows you to quickly make changes direct from the report without having to navigate and find the appropriate screen. For example, you can edit account descriptions, accounting policies and additional notes by clicking on the highlighted text. New notes can be included by selecting 'show extended report'. Also use the bookmarks to move around the accounts faster. Delve into the figures using the Trial Balance drill down option at the top, where you can edit postings without leaving the report. Reviewing and editing the Interactive Reports can save substantial time.

  1. Harry Milman, third line customer service analyst

Rapidly find key information with the Client Dashboard

The client dashboard combines information from multiple modules and allows users to quickly access customer information without needing to open multiple modules. This allows you to view information from IRIS Practice Management, tax and accounts figures, IRIS OpenSpace documents and IRIS KashFlow.  This helps to provide users with relevant information for their clients and prevents problems with all licenses being in use in the modules.

  1. Corbyn Turner, Product Manager, Tax Suite

Cut out repetition with Personal Tax import from third party software

Import bookkeeping transactions from IRIS KashFlow and CSV, a feature which will enable you to import transactions for individuals with sole trade or land and property income. This removes the need to rekey data, reduces human error and means more accurate submissions to HMRC. Importing via these two methods will also allow you to become familiar with the process of digital record keeping/links – something that  will become mandatory for Making Tax Digital in April 2023. The import has been implemented to cater for both annual imports as well as “Quarterly” imports in preparation for MTD.

  1. Eva Mrazikova, Accountancy Market Specialist

Record expenses if when offline

Using RapidFire in IRIS Kashflow, you can record expenses even if you're offline; when you connect it will upload them to the cloud. So, if you live somewhere with poor internet connection or if you’re travelling on a train or a plane without WIFI, this is a great feature if you want to get expenses or admin up to date easily and quickly. RapidFire addresses another common request from accountants too, enabling a ‘batch entry’ provision to speed up data entry.