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Give your firm the gift of time this Christmas

1st Dec 2022
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Having fun decorating the office and blasting Mariah Carey tunes? Unfortunately, that only means one thing – busy season is starting, and all you want for Christmas is time.

While some clients prefer to stick their head in the snow, others are already dumping bags of receipts on your doorstep. It’s a wonder that accountants have even an ounce of energy left by the end of December to take part in festivities. 

But while you’re caught up in all the crazy, it’s paramount to take some time for yourself too. Burnout is a lot more common than you’d think, with a recent study showing that 46% of UK workers are at risk of burnout. It’s important to anticipate how all this extra work affects your staff and clients too. 

The good news? While it’s important to consider lifestyle factors – such as taking regular breaks and staying hydrated – there are also solutions out there that can offer a better work-life balance practice-wide. We’ll take a look at top-notch tech to jump through those Self Assessment hoops as quickly as possible, whilst giving your firm the gift of time this Christmas. 

give yourself time this christmas

Dashing through your tasks 

Wait, there’s a task list that lets you manage everything your practice is working on, from just one tab on a browser? Yep, and not only that, but it’s a lifesaver during busy season too. All of those overwhelming tasks your team has to get through this month – break them down into bite-sized chunks with AccountancyManager. You can delegate them out to your team as you see fit, so the workload for each staff member is manageable. See it as the tinsel of your Self Assessment Christmas tree, tying everything together for your practice. One of the best parts is that everything’s tracked and timestamped, so you can see exactly who’s working on what, at all times.  


With speedy custom forms 

Gathering all the client information you need to complete Self Assessment Tax Returns can be quite the chore. Bright’s practice management software, AccountancyManager, makes it easy to create custom forms within the system, so you can get exactly what you need. And when it comes to Self Assessment, you can use a template that’s already pre-built by an accountant, ready to go at a moment’s notice. It’s fully customisable too, so you can tweak it to suit your needs. Clients can access and fill out the form from any device online via their GDPR-compliant client portal, and you’ll be notified when it’s ready to go. That means no printing, no emailing, and no downloading. 

Approvals done in minutes 

Once a client’s tax return is completed, it can be a nuisance waiting for that final sign off. With e-signatures, it can be done in minutes – seriously. All clients need do is log into AccountancyManager, type out their name and submit it. Self Assessment has really never looked so easy! 

Chasing all the way 

But this assumes my clients actually completed the form immediately..." 

We hear you. Did your client not respond, or only fill out part of a form? Our practice management software can keep chasing up that client for you with emails and texts until they complete their form. Don’t worry, you’ll still have full control of when and how often the emails and texts get sent out. Oh, and did we mention we chase clients to pay their taxes after their Self Assessments are submitted too? See it as the star on top of your Self Assessment Christmas tree. 

Static payrolls ring 

Another regular task on your to-do list in the midst of busy season is payroll, and a common complaint we hear is that single director client payroll can be hard to make a profit from. All of the usual payroll tasks, from calculating PAYE and National Insurance contributions, to deducting pension contributions and recording claims and expenses, still have to be covered, even though it’s only for a single employee. We get it, especially during busy season, it just doesn't seem worth your while. 

The good news is that with a batch payroll processing tool, you can process all of your single director and other static payrolls at the same time, in just one click from Bright’s payroll software, BrightPay. That cuts out over 90% of the workload involved with static payroll clients, leaving  you with lots more room to prioritise those heavier tasks at hand. 

Making accountants Bright 

Not only is Self Assessment time-consuming, it’s also a complicated and tricky process. That’s why getting your tax returns (whether they’re Individual, Partnership or Trust) validated before they’re submitted lets you rest assured that your firm followed the right steps, every step of the way. Bright’s tax software, BTCSoftware, has context-sensitive HMRC guidance notes and pre-submission validation to help nip any errors in the bud, before submissions are made. And relax. 

What fun it is to make Faster Payments 

Between presents and puddings, Christmas has everyone under tight budgets. Wages need to be paid on time, every time. Payments can be one of those finickity service offerings, and more of a burden than a blessing during tax return season. Rather than making Bacs payments, which can take a nail-biting three business days to land in employees’ bank accounts, why not use a faster and more efficient solution? Take BrightPay’s integration with Modulr for example. You can pay employees, subcontractors and HMRC, in just 90 seconds, through your payroll software. Payments can even go through on the weekend and public holidays, including Christmas day – and best of all, no more bank files. 

And manage holiday leave (drama free) 

Oh, the dreaded annual leave drama around Christmas. Everyone’s looking forward to the much-needed time off, but the workload isn’t taking a festive break. Also, when you manage annual leave without any support, mistakes can easily fall through the cracks. 

For example, George who works on Self Assessments, sent you an email that he’s taking a fortnight off for Christmas. Susan however, who also works the same department, sent you a text months ago for those same days off. You forgot about the overlap so approved both requests, but now who’s going to work on Self Assessments for those two weeks? 

Luckily, BrightPay Connect’s got both you and your clients covered with this one. Our annual leave management tool lets you view your entire company’s leave from a tab on your browser. This lets you see who is going to be on leave and when, letting you make much more strategic decisions for your practice on the run up to Christmas. This can save both you and your clients hours of drama, with a much more relaxed approach towards the end of December. 

Give your practice the gift of time this Christmas

Relish in the luxury of switching off your laptop on the 24th and not opening it again until the New Year. Keep in mind that not only do these streamlined approaches help you around Christmas, but just think how much time they’ll save you once MTD for ITSA kicks in. Busy season is going to be a much, much more regular occurrence, but with Bright’s software solutions, you can tackle Self Assessment at any time of year, without breaking a sweat. 

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