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Growing your accountancy practice through exceptional customer service

30th May 2024
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Bright was created in 2021 when Thesaurus Software Ltd. and Relate Software Ltd. decided to join...
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Over the last ten years, accountants have increasingly been called upon to embrace business advisory roles alongside their traditional compliance and number crunching roles. As the financial landscape grows increasingly uncertain and complex, exceptional customer service is quickly becoming integral to business success. 

Clients increasingly expect their accountants to provide strategic guidance that goes beyond compliance, assisting them in maximising efficiency and identifying growth opportunities that would otherwise go uncovered. Being able to do this efficiently across your whole client base can be a logistical challenge, but one that can reap rewards. So, how can you make exceptional customer service a priority in your practice? 

In this article, we’ll look at ways that you can lean on technology to streamline your client interactions and save time to focus on relationship building and human connection. 

The impact of customer service on growth and retention 

Providing outstanding customer service in accountancy can significantly enhance business growth and client retention. High-quality interactions, characterised by timely and relevant communication, can transform your client relationships and elevate your role from a service provider to a trusted advisor. Such relationships are built on more than just transactional exchanges; they are nurtured through consistent, positive engagements that emphasise the client’s value to the practice and reinforce the benefits you deliver. 

Establishing customer service as your competitive differentiation 

In a highly competitive market where you might be competing with global firms, you can differentiate your practice through proactive and engaging customer service.  

In fact, practices that prioritise client engagement tend to attract more business and develop stronger reputations. A study conducted by InfoQuest quantified the impact of client loyalty on revenue. It found that a “totally satisfied” customer contributes 2.6 times more revenue than a “somewhat satisfied customer”, and 14 times more revenue than a “somewhat dissatisfied customer”.  

For StriveX, an award-winning cloud-based accountancy firm based in Buckinghamshire, using Bright software together with a focus on client engagement strategies helped them grow from 50 to over 600 clients in just two and a half years. They made sure that existing clients received regular emails, newsletters, and reminders of all the key events and information they needed to stay compliant as well as grow their business.  

Their secret to scaling? They used BrightManager to onboard and manage their clients, phasing out their Excel spreadsheets and replacing them with a solution that would automate tasks, reminders, time, forecasting, billing, and more.  

Advantages of client portals 

Using client portals for secure document exchange and communication is another cornerstone of excellent client service. These portals not only streamline workflow but also enhance data security and accessibility, allowing you to interact more securely and effectively with clients. Efficient, real-time access to financial documents and data through such portals also fosters transparency and facilitates informed decision-making. 

Using technology to enable client interaction 

Technology plays a pivotal role in refining client interactions. Solutions like BrightPropose and BrightManager automate routine tasks and standardise service delivery, thereby reducing the risk of errors and allowing you to focus on high-value activities. These solutions help manage everything from client onboarding to regular communication, ensuring that every client interaction is efficient and impactful. 

The value of client feedback 

Actively seeking and incorporating client feedback is vital for continuous improvement in service delivery. Feedback helps identify strengths and potential areas for improvement, making it possible for practices to adapt and meet evolving client expectations. This proactive approach not only helps enhance client satisfaction but also boosts client loyalty and advocacy. 

Integrating client feedback into customer service processes is crucial for maintaining relevance and responsiveness in the accounting sector. Practices that are responsive to feedback can better align their services directly with client needs, leading to enhanced client satisfaction and retention. 


In conclusion, exceptional customer service is the linchpin of successful accountancy practices. By harnessing the power of effective communication, using technology, and actively engaging with client feedback, you can ensure sustained growth and a competitive edge in the market.  

Thankfully, technology can help you automate some of the manual work so that you can focus on the relationship building. Bright software offers a suite of tools that empower accountants to achieve these objectives, fostering stronger client relationships and driving business success. 

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