Halloween payment app-aritions?

30th Oct 2020
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Given the impending ghoulish holiday, our post is a bit different today. Despite the crisis, here's how you can enjoy a spooky weekend, and still stay safe. 

Social distancing has created new habits in so many arenas of our life from wearing masks and queueing at the supermarket to making transactions with a payment app instead of cash. With the 31st of October fast approaching, it looks like social distancing is set to re-imagine yet another aspect of our lives: Halloween. It’s a sad fact that trick-or-treating and crowded costume parties will be off the table this year, but just because some traditional celebrations are unworkable with social distancing, doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun and honour the holiday in other ways. 

For kids and many adults, the best thing about Halloween is coming up with an incredible costume idea to amuse and surprise your friends. One way to embrace the Halloween spirit is to have a costume making party with members of your household. Covid19 won’t stop you or your children from dressing up, it only means you have to come up with new ways to show off your costume. Virtual costume parties or contests via video are one way to parade your creations in front of your friends and family.

Nothing says Halloween like a creatively carved winter squash. Though the use of pumpkins to make Jack-o’-lanterns sprung up in the U.S., the origin of this Halloween tradition actually resides in 19th Century Ireland, where people would carve turnips to use as lanterns, which they would place in the window in order to scare off evil spirits. This year, why not make an event of carving pumpkins in your household? If neighbours are also carving pumpkins then go for a pumpkin viewing walk while keeping to social distancing regulations. 

Since there won’t be Halloween parties to tempt us out of the house, it’s the perfect time to have a Halloween movie marathon at home. When it comes to Halloween movies you’re spoilt for choice. Even if you limit yourself to only vampire movies, there are at least 1,000 titles to peruse, from family films to creepier fare. 

Individually wrapped candy is synonymous with Halloween, but since children can’t go out and collect a bounty of chocolate and jellies from neighbours, it can be just as fun to create some easy sweet treats at home. Toffee apples and spookily decorated biscuits or cupcakes will satisfy your sweet tooth without the hassle of a candy thermometer. 

Whether you celebrate Halloween by going all out on a costume or just curling up with a bag of chocolates and a ghost story, make sure to choose Ordo as your payment app to avoid getting a scary surprise when it comes to transaction fees.  With Ordo each Smart Request is only 20p, unlike other payment systems where transaction fees vary. Try Ordo for free today and you won’t just get treats at Halloween, you’ll have a little more money in your bank account at the end of every month.