Happiness Necessary for Productivity

12th Apr 2021
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We often think that to increase productivity we need to kit out the office, hire an efficiency expert, and earn more money, but it turns out that the key to being more productive at work is to be happy with what you do. Easier said than done, right? Actually, there are a few small things you can do to boost your or your team’s happiness including giving work meaning, acknowledging work, playing on your strengths, and removing mindless repetitive tasks by simplifying where you can, automating services where they can be automated, like your online payment account. 

The state of happiness at work

According to a 2019 survey by Personal Group only 41% of employees are happy most of the time at work and this number has fallen since 2017 when it was 51%. With work upheaval due to Covid, the number could have fallen even further. Unhappiness at work is not just a personal problem for an employee, it can have major ramifications for a business too. Studies have shown that when employees are unhappy they are less productive and more likely to be absent. So, how can you feel happier at work?

Give work meaning and remember to say thank you

Dan Ariely, a researcher in behavioural economics, has studied how to make people feel good at work. He finds that people are happiest if they feel like their job means something and is acknowledged. To prove this, Ariely conducted research where participants were asked to build several small toys. With some participants the researcher accepted completed toys and put them aside, but with other participants the researcher disassembled the completed toy in front of the participant before asking them to assemble another one. It may come as no surprise that participants who immediately saw their work taken apart built less toys than those who didn’t – 7 versus 11. In a second experiment he witnessed a similar outcome between participants whose work was unacknowledged versus those whose work was acknowledged with a simple nod. 

These experiments show that although giving meaning to work and acknowledging it is very easy to do and not costly, they could have enormous positive effects on productivity. The simple act of thanking someone for their work can improve your business in ways you might not have predicted.  

Tap into your strengths

If your work is feeling repetitive or devoid of interest, try focusing on your strengths even if these are qualities you would not normally associate with work. Dan Cable and Mel Bradman of the London Business School recommend:

  1. Being playful - If work is starting to lose some of its lustre, switch things up and have fun with it, be it in the way you present data, organise your office space, or interact with clients. Small tweaks can have a big impact.
  2. Bring your outside strengths to work – Think about the areas of your life where you feel engaged and strong and then try to apply these interests to your current position. Even interests that seemingly have nothing to do with accounting, might use skills or qualities that can be integrated into your work and will ultimately help you be more productive. 

Streamline tasks when possible

Remove some of the mindless, repetitive tasks at work by harnessing the power of new systems. If you’re using an expensive, clunky payment service, why not switch to Ordo as your online payment account? Ordo is an instant, easy to use, low-cost payment request service that simplifies your invoicing and reconciliation process. Your client is notified the moment you send your invoice, and as soon as they pay you the money is in your account instantly. Even better, Ordo  links to your accounting software, is fully integrated with Xero and Quickbooks the official payments Open Banking partner with Sage.

You can easily track who’s paid and who hasn’t at a glance, and feel confident knowing the invoice has been sent securely to your client without being intercepted by fraudsters. Ordo simplifies your payment process – something that will definitely boost happiness at work.  Arrange a demonstration with Ordo today and find out how it can help your business.

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