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Harnessing the power of integrations

1st Oct 2021
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The challenge

Every successful business strives to make the most of its resources and improve productivity so there’s more time for increasing revenue.  Many accountancy businesses have systems that may not communicate with each other, and as a result will have processes that are manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. Plus, it’s really annoying to have to click in and out of lots of different software. So how do you make everything talk to each other?

Here comes the science...

How your business applications talk to each other

Allowing or enabling your business applications to communicate with one another and then automating tasks where possible will make your life a whole lot easier.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a means by which multiple software programs can communicate with each other.  When two software programs are connected in this way by an API, they are said to be ‘integrated’.  When integration exists, this allows specific requests to be sent by one application, producing a response by another.  The information requests are usually in the form of creating, retrieving, updating, deleting and identifying changes, typically by polling or webhooks.

The Senta integrations

“No practice management software is an island” – is that how the famous saying goes? We know that accountants are using Senta in conjunction with lots of different apps – and you can view the full list of Senta integrations here. As well as the usual suspects, you might find some others you’re not familiar with. If they integrate with Senta, then they have the Senta seal of approval - so it’s worth checking out the likes of MELU (live chat for your website), PracticeWEB (websites for accountants) and Invoco (VoIP phone system).

Senta integrations

…but it gets even better

In some cases, you may need to connect another tool that is not listed in the app ecosystem or may need to accomplish a specific task that is not available with the existing native integration.  What happens then?  If you have very deep pockets and a fair amount of time you could employ a programmer to write code to create custom integration.

Thankfully, as technology has developed, it is now possible to create digital processes without the need to write any code.  Enter Zapier. Zapier essentially acts as a connector or translator between thousands of cloud-based applications. We love it, Senta customers love it, and use it for all sorts of interesting processes.

If you want to know more about Zapier, you should really take a look at our recent Zapier masterclass, available here>>  

We’re open!

And it’s not just established apps. Senta has an open API, which means that anyone can connect to Senta (with our permission!). Some practices have existing software or a personalised programme and our customers are able to set up that link directly too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Senta can help you connect your tech stack, get in touch.

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