Have your say - Red Tape Challenge

Brought to you by Jordans

Since 26 January 2012 the government has turned the challenge spotlight on company and commercial law.  It’s a chance (at the very least) to have your say.

The challenge highlights 120 pieces of legislation and asks for views on whether they should be:

  • scrapped
  • retained in current form
  • reformed
  • simplified or merged

The Discussion Paper focusses on 6 areas:

  • Company names- how are companies coping with the new rules?  How could improvements be made?
  • Company filings - for example, would it be useful to file the annual return and accounts at the same time?
  • Rights to inspect registers and require copies - can improvements be made here?
  • Penalties and enforcement - are there improvements that can be made?
  • The requirement to register newspapers
  • Employee share schemes - can this be simplified?

Jordans will be commenting on company names, sole directors and the model articles.  We’ll also be, seeking further information on the position in relation to consultations/proposals that we have not heard about for a while such as objecting to a registered office address (being used without permission) and what, if anything, is being proposed in relation to statements of capital.

Kathleen O’Reilly, our Head of Internal Legal Services says “we’d be very interested to hear from clients as to their particular concerns and we’re happy to include them in our submissions.  Where we are having similar problems this is a good opportunity to make our views known.”

Share your views with us by email to [email protected]

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