Heaton Vences Chartered Accountants – a firm-wide commitment to Capium has seen revenue triple in 9 months

14th Jul 2020
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Heaton Vences Accountancy firm made the conscious decision back in 2015 to invest in a firm-wide solution to manage their clients’ accounts. They wanted to implement one system to pull together the disparate tools and leverage management information that wasn’t available through other accounting systems such as Kashflow.

Heaton Vences services the SME market and were finding the support they could offer clients was limited by whichever bookkeeping software package the SME had already chosen to use. We interviewed Emilio Peguinho, Partner at the firm, to understand the process they went through and how it’s shaped up for them, five years into the relationship.

A finance package that’s targeted at accountancy firms

The team at Heaton Vences reviewed the market, but felt they wanted a solution that also offered specific support for the accountant, rather than just the business owner. Emilio told us about their requirements:

“The package we get from Capium takes us above and beyond the day-to-day activities of bookkeeping and cash management. We’ve signed up for the practice management module, company secretarial, corporation tax and payroll. All of these elements are integrated and streamlined in the same package, which makes it so much easier for us to support our clients in the most cost-effective way. We also use Capium Hub which gives our Clients access to a receipt-scanning app and a web dashboard so they can capture sales and purchase invoices.”

Access to live data

As a business owner, the usual functionality is all included in the standard package – cash flow management, access to bank accounts, the ability to upload expenses. It’s easy to use and user-friendly. But the real value comes from the way the data can be used by accountants.

As an accountant, having access to live data means the accountant can collaborate and add value to the client. All expenses and invoicing are assigned to the company accounts so there’s an ongoing, up-to-date view on their live cash situation and the bigger picture, which is so useful.

“With live data, cash management is a doddle. It makes forecasting and scenario planning so much easier, which is invaluable in these times of uncertainty.”

A communication hub which aids efficiencies for both accountants and clients

The practice management module allows Emilio to send instant message his clients, prioritise tasks and upload shared documents to a central hub. Important documents can be e-signed through the system and stored against the customer record. And as everthing is together in one streamlined system, the benefits are evident.

Clients benefit from real-time expenses upload through the app, easy invoicing and the knowledge that they’ll never miss an important deadline or task again.

Responsive customer support and a culture for continuous improvement

The relationship Heaton Vences have with Capium is another reason the solution is so engrained in their practice. Emilio added:

“If we raise a ticket as we are experiencing a particular issue, the team get back to us really quickly with useful guidance. The UK-based support team is backed up by colleagues in India, which means there’s never a time where we’re not supported.”

As Capium puts the accountant at the heart of its operation, there’s an ongoing desire to add additional functionality and the right partners to its offering and continually improve the solution.

Although there are a few clients who find it disruptive to have to move their bookkeeping accounts over to Capium, Emilio shared with us that he’s had many clients comment over the years that they wish they’d done it sooner. Of course, there’s a decision to be made within each firm as to whether they’re going to be prescriptive about the package their clients use. Or perhaps the results will speak for themselves…

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