Help your firm prepare for a post-Covid world

9th Apr 2021
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Like most workers throughout the UK, accountants have found themselves under extreme pressure since the pandemic began. Not only are they having to contend with an unstable economy, but also having to understand and implement regular legislative and government incentive changes all while having to shift their whole working life to an unfamiliar, remote working territory.

As we begin to emerge from this lockdown, the life we see before us looks a far cry from the one we once knew, with social distancing, small gatherings and remote working here to stay for the time being.

Now that some firms are starting to open their office doors to a reduced number of employees, we take a look at what practices should think of if they wish to flourish in the new, post-Covid world.

Preparation is key!

Practices must learn from the past 18 months and anticipate any future challenges they may be faced with, and how they will overthrow them.

By planning ahead, practices and their employees are likely to be well protected from any threats that may arise and limit the risk of further disruption to their organisation, should we experience a similar situation in years to come.

Those who were reluctant to move onto more modern and flexible working methods experienced far more impact than those who adapted early on.

With the UK economy showing positive signs of growth, firms are now turning their attentions to how we will overcome and recover as a nation. Accountants must also establish how they can navigate and assist clients, but also how they will thrive in the new normal.

How can technology help?

Fortunately, we’re in a time where technology is on hand to assist us, proving not only to be a real lifeline, but to offer companies the opportunities that were once out of reach. Technology that is particularly beneficial is cloud solutions, it offers considerable benefits, including the means to keep your data secure whilst allowing firms to collaborate from anywhere, at any time.

With the right technology in situ, practices can allow their staff the opportunity to work remotely for considerable amounts of time, if not indefinitely with minimal disruption.

Remote working along with an uncertain economic time creates the perfect storm for opportunists. Businesses are more likely to experience more targeted and calculated attacks, therefore security should be considered as a top priority when reviewing processes and potential software implementation.

As practices look to protect themselves, they should also determine ways to keep their clients protected. A number of business owners have become increasingly concerned by the lack of trade since the pandemic began, and are likely to be more likely to fall victim to scams. Making hasty decisions when receiving fraudulent loan emails, as an example. By offering basic online cyber security training, practices can really help to ensure their clients are protected.

As we start to leave the pandemic behind us, we’re likely to see relationships strengthen between accountant and client, this will become particularly true for those accountants who offer a more consultative service to their clients.

How CaseWare can help

We’re committed to ensuring our software is constantly developed to ensure users are kept up to date, and features the most recent legislative changes, something that is more important than ever as we witness seemingly daily adjustments to Covid support schemes and legislations.

Should any further lockdowns occur, our cloud solution is the perfect tool to have on hand offering real-time team and client collaboration from any location, allowing users to continue with their work without the upheaval or worry about a change in work environment.

If you’d like to learn more about preparing for your clients’ changing requirements and how to futureproof your practice from any similar situations in the future, then why not download our eBook ‘Are you prepared for a post-Covid world?