HMRC API status page launched

5th Dec 2019
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A web page which reports which HMRC Apis are working has been made available by Cirrostratus.

"One problem many accountants have raised with us," said John Hemming of Cirrostratus, "is that when things don't work with MTD it is not that clear whether that is a problem with HMRC or with the MTD software they are using."

"Cirrostratus have, therefore, published a web page which reports which APIs are working and which ones are coming up with 500 Server Error messages."

From time to time HMRC take various parts of MTD down in order to make changes to the system.  This results in the APIs giving out a 500 Server Error message.   This will mean that people trying to use MTD at that time will not be able to do so.

"Our API status page which can be found here:"

"displays the last time each API was used since our server was restarted and calculates the average response time for each API in nanoseconds.   If MTD is not working then it is possible to use this page to find out whether that is a general problem relating to HMRC having difficulties or a problem which is specific to one piece of MTD software".

Cirrostratus are one of the few MTD suppliers that have production credentials for Income Tax and Self Assessment and, therefore, all of the ITSA Apis are reported as well as the VAT ones.

"We have very few people using the ITSA pilot at the moment", said John Hemming, "so people cannot necessarily expect to see a report of usage of ITSA on our API status page.  There are also quiet periods in the month for VAT so there may not be any reported activity at those stages.  However, we have had a positive response from agents about making this real time information available."