HMRC uncovers 15 sets of errors in self-assessments

13th Nov 2019
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By Sean Deverell, Product Manager

Have you seen the update yet from HMRC about self-assessments?

Officials have been delving into possible errors from the 2017/18 tax year and, in doing so, they found 15 different reasons why a client’s tax return could not be submitted online.

That was either because the HMRC system had the wrong tax calculation that would cause the return to be rejected, or worse still, it was accepted but with the wrong tax liability calculated.  

So, HMRC has been issuing revised SA302s for 2017/18.

A similar ‘recovery exercise’ was undertaken last year for 2016/17 returns. But, unlike last year, HMRC will be communicating with agents directly where a 64-8 is in place for any of their affected clients.

The errors in their calculation that resulted in 15 different exclusions.

What are the exclusions? You can read the full details HERE

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The varying exclusions are supplied by HMRC throughout the year . The tax team at IRIS works hard to help identify and resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Where possible, our calculations have been updated and warnings messages put in place.

However, you may find that some of your clients were still affected, either because the return was completed and filed before the correction was made, or due to a complicated and rare scenario that was not uncovered until extremely late in the process.

Therefore, we want to make you aware of HMRC’s plan, so that you are prepared in case you do have any clients that receive a revised SA302 from them. 

For the full details and for more on what to do please visit this page