HMRC update web functions for agents and clients

29th Oct 2019
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HMRC have recently released the list of functions available via their gateway.   This includes the new option to opt out of MTD for a business that is not required to be in MTD and also to submit a vat return for a business that has left MTD.

The link for agents is now:

and the link for tax payers is:

Both agents and taxpayers should be able to use these links to: Change the business name; change the principle place of business (PPOB), change the vat return period (stagger), Cancel VAT (deregister), View the VAT certificate, opt out of MTD and Submit a Vat return (if not in MTD).

Additionally taxpayers can use their online account to: view the next return, see when the next payment is due, see previous returns, see previous payments, change the repayment bank account and change email address.

Further changes have been made to the Agents Services Account.  The agent should now see the last four digits of the government gateway account number for each client.  When setting up an ASA additional the website will now ask for the NINO and Date of Birth of the person signing up.

Interestingly agents who are based outside the UK and who are operating from countries which have no anti-money laundering processes will be allowed to sign up without giving AML details.

John Hemming CEO of Cirrostratus said, "Realistically, although we have a short extension of our membership of the EU, no one really knows what is going to happen.  HMRC have spent quite a bit of time and resource on preparing for the no deal option.  That could, of course, still happen.  I am expecting more progress now to be made on Self Assessment MTD, but it is entirely possible that we could be back on Groundhog Day again later this year."

"Perhaps one of the the top technical priorities for agents from HMRC would be to simplify the appointment process so that people don't have to use two systems when an agent changes where the client is using MTD. I do expect that to happen, but I don't have any idea as to when yet."