How accountants communicate better with less email

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Most accountants start the day in their inbox, thinking that filtering them and answering to the most important ones first thing in the morning will make them more productive. But is it really true?

Filtering the high priority items, forwarding emails to colleagues to follow up on, and answering questions from clients until your inbox is empty might feel like productive... but it’s not. So, what’s wrong with email?

Why are emails making you unproductive

Emails make us and the people working with us less productive, but how does this happen?

  • Filtering emails makes you unproductive: As soon as you open your inbox and scan through the list of names and subject lines, you find yourself buried in an avalanche of potential problems, exciting challenges, new opportunities and simple to-do lists. Your mind is processing so much new information that you quickly feel mentally exhausted. Doing this first thing in the morning means that you start feeling tired before the real work begins.
  • You also make your colleagues unproductive: Forwarding emails to your colleagues disrupts their concentration and the worst part is that it can take them up to 23 minutes before they get back to the task they were working on.
  • Even writing short emails is time consuming: Even writing short emails takes time. You always need to add some context to your message, both so that your client knows what you mean and so that you don’t come across as being too direct.

How to decrease the amount of email

Not checking your email simply isn’t an option as good communication with your clients is of the utmost importance. So how can you have an ‘email detox’?

  • Schedule time for your inbox: On average, we check our inbox 36 times per hour. However, most productivity experts agree that checking your email twice a day is enough.
  • Multitask less: Start your day by working on one specific project that requires your attention. It will make you more productive and it will give you more clarity than going through a bunch of email.
  • Make an online project environment: Create an online project environment like Basecamp that allows you to work together effectively with colleagues and clients. With such a project management tool, you’re able to work together in the same documents, plan tasks and add comments and messages.

Online project environment for accountants

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