How AI and innovation will help you get clients

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Dutch company RS Finance provides accounting and tax services as well as business and HR services. Arjan Schipperus, managing partner at RS Finance, explains how AI and innovation have helped in driving success in this practice.

RS Finance is the winner of the Exact Cloud Award 2016. Employees of RS Finance call themselves accountants with guts. They visit their clients, analyse the primary processes, implement the right software and connect it with accounting. According to Schipperus, the firm is a "mini CFO" for its clients. Integrating the financial processes allows them to have a full overview of what’s happening at their client. As a result, they can really take them by the hand and deliver the right advice.

PS Finance

"We started working with Exact three years ago. We used to work with another platform, but we saw Exact rolling out features one after another and they were very successful we decided to make the switch," said Schipperus. "Exact has many add-ons that we find useful and they are always front runners when it comes to new functionality."

The value of artificial intelligence for accountants

A lot of the accounting you still see is still about making sure all the submissions are complete and making sure everything is there. “The innovations in artificial intelligence mean that we will be able to be more efficient, less error sensitive, and faster. The changes allow us to focus on high-skilled work. The data processing is slowly decreasing as part of the data services and we will be able to focus on the most interesting side of accountancy for us which are the consultancy services.”

Exact Go, a new development for independent business owners, which allows direct interaction between the business owners and their accountants, was one of the most interesting announcements made last week at Exact Live 2017 in Utrecht for Schipperus.

“These solutions are helping the accountancy world to get to a point in which sole traders can do everything by themselves and they just need us from time to time to check their figures,” explained Schipperus. “We greatly appreciate it because this is not the fun part of the work. The fun part for us is talking with the entrepreneurs about where their company is going, what they are doing and what the figures say about your company. We can now help customers with complex problem solving, and their strategic position.”

Exact Cloud Awards

According to Schipperus, winning the Exact Cloud Award has had a great impact in RS Finance. The publicity has attracted many clients who are looking for award-winning and future oriented companies. Companies are interested in finding the best spots on the market and choose the most innovative practices to help them get there.

Schipperus also remarked the importance that Exact has had in this process for their firm. “The innovations that Exact brings can be applied to our own firm and that help us become even more future oriented and find more clients“.