How BrightPay's accounting software integration helps accountants

25th Jun 2021
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Keeping track of your clients’ payroll accounting is a complex task. Recording the relevant payments and deductions for each employee is time-consuming and entering all this information into the payroll journal, to be agreed with the general ledger, adds to the workload.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if the client’s payroll software integrated with your accounting system? At BrightPay, that’s exactly what we offer – full integration with the top accounting platforms, and the ability to pull your payroll journal data straight through into the clients’ accounts.

The complexity of payroll accounts

When you’re supplying accounting services to a payroll client, that involves recording the gross pay paid out to their employees, alongside any tax and National Insurance (NI) deductions, pension contributions or other deductions that have been made during the payroll run. 

Payroll journals are one way to account for these transactions within the client’s accounts, creating separate journals for all payroll-related transactions and then reporting these figures within the client’s general ledger. 

Using payroll journals gives you more oversight and more control over the payroll numbers – but having to enter the information manually, or fiddle around with CSV files can be a lot of work. The answer to this is to integrate the payroll and accounting platforms – so payroll information can be instantly synced and recorded in the client’s accounting software.

Streamlining payroll accounting, with BrightPay

To streamline the payroll accounting process, BrightPay’s payroll journal feature gives you the ability to create wage journals from finalised pay periods. These payroll journals can then be imported into your accounting software via a direct application programming interface (API).

By importing the payroll data straight into your accounting platform, your payroll journals can instantly be synced with the general ledger. And with this direct API integration, there’s no need for manual keying in, or waiting around to import CSV downloads into your accounts. This speeds up the payroll accounting process and reduces the possibility of keying errors and mistakes being made at the accounting input stage.

BrightPay takes the hard work out of payroll accounting with:

  • Customised journal files – payroll journal files are customised to the specific requirements of your accounting platform. This includes creating compatible files and built-in nominal ledger mapping, so everything gets mapped correctly in the accounts.
  • Mapping to alternative account codes – if you want to map journal entries to an alternative code in the accounts, this can be done. This makes it easier to track factors such as period type, departments or specific rates, additions and deductions.
  • Individual or merged journals – you can choose to generate individual journal records for each employee, or merge all the employee records into one record for a particular payroll date. The choice is yours.

Integrating BrightPay with your accounting platform

If your practice is using a cloud accounting platform that integrates with the BrightPay API, your payroll journals can be pulled through straight into the accounts. For other accounting packages, it’s possible to download the information as a CSV file from BrightPay and to upload this straight into the accounting software.

BrightPay currently has direct API integrations with a wide range of top cloud accounting packages, including:

See the benefits that BrightPay brings to your practice

With BrightPay at the heart of your payroll offering, your accounting practice can create a fast and efficient payroll process that’s locked to the needs of your accounting platform.

The time-wasting, inefficiencies and potential human error associated with a manual payroll accounting process can all be removed from the equation. And with BrightPay’s direct API integration, you have a full customisable link between your payroll and accounts.

Switch to BrightPay and see the benefits we can bring to your payroll service.

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