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How can accountants ease clients’ growing pains?

24th May 2022
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Award-winning cloud accounting software for multi-company businesses.

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It’s exciting when a client comes to you with an innovative start-up idea. It’s even better when they proceed to grow from one small office or outlet to a multi-entity success story. These are good clients for your practice to retain, but they’re not without their challenges.

Like many talented entrepreneurs, your clients may have relied on their gut instinct and personality (along with your expertise) to get them this far. But now they are demanding more detailed business analysis. And, particularly when they’re making big financial decisions, they need confidence in the numbers.  

Find out how you can help your clients continue to grow at our Practice event. We’ll be launching our new Partner programme for accountants – there’s a link to register at the end of this article.

No more growing pains

As their accountant, you’re in an excellent position to help clients get the business intelligence data they need. Delivering this key service at speed cements your role as a trusted advisor and ensures you become an irreplaceable component of their success. But you need to be able to offer that service in a way that works for your business model as well.

Moving from starter cloud accounting systems

Traditionally, many accountants have struggled to find the right accounting software for their clients as they grow. You know they need more functionality and more sophisticated reporting, but it still needs to be cost-effective and easy to implement and maintain. That’s where mid-market solutions, such as AccountsIQ, can help.

Which clients could benefit from AccountsIQ?

Generally, accountants choose AccountsIQ for clients who are growing but want to keep their finance function lean and efficient. They want to automate as many day-to-day finance tasks as possible to save time and money.

They’ve also normally outgrown their starter accountancy package and need:

  • Workflow and collaboration tools to improve efficiency and productivity, including full AP automation
  • Automated consolidation of group financial reports and management reporting
  • Real time reporting across multiple entities, in different currencies with multiple cost and project codes for analysis
  • Integration of their accounting software with other business systems, such as their CRM
  • Fast implementation, full training and on-going support.

Our software is suitable for clients from most sectors. We support companies as diverse as financial services providers, technology developers, architects, recruitment agencies, property consultants and renewable energy suppliers. We’re also the finance system of choice for more than 100 charity and not-for-profit organisations.

You can read our customer success stories here.

Join us at the launch of our new Partner programme for accountants: 23 June 11AM (on Zoom)

Many accountants are already finding that AccountsIQ helps them to retain their growing clients. It also gives you more potential to win new clients in fast-growth markets and locations.

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Longden, and Head of Sales, Mark Hollingworth, will launch AccountsIQ's new partner programme at our Practice event on 23 June. This webinar will also cover:

  • An intro to AccountsIQ: our positioning and suitability for end users
  • Why companies outgrow other systems and the signs that this might be the case for your clients
  • Identifying the pain points for growing companies, such as consolidation and BI reporting
  • Practice specific benefits: identifying how AccountsIQ can help you and your clients
  • Benefits of AccountsIQ and a brief demo.

When: Thursday 23 June, 11AM via Zoom

Reserve your place at the launch of our new Partner programme for accountants.