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How can electronic payslips benefit bureaux and accountants?

19th May 2020
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IRIS makes accountants more efficient and productive.

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One of the things that has become incredibly apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic is that business functions such as payroll need to be enabled remotely.

This has become increasingly evident for bureaux and accountants trying to support clients throughout the pandemic.

Did you know you can meet the need for remote working and simultaneously support clients by offering an electronic payslip solution?

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the benefits of e-payslips and delve into why you should consider offering them.

The benefits of e-payslips for bureaux and accountants

Additional service: Offering an electronic payslip is an additional service you can charge for, providing more revenue while also being of significant benefit to clients.

Remote working: As the country is still in lockdown, remote working remains the new norm with many businesses having to rapidly adapt. By providing an electronic solution, your staff no longer have to travel to the office to manually print and post client payslips.

The benefits of e-payslips for clients

Accessible anytime, anywhere: E-payslips provide far more flexibility, allowing clients to access them on the go via any platform with an internet connection. Additionally, your clients can also use the online portal to view current and historic documents further improving their experience. 

Enhanced security: Electronic solutions provide far more security than traditional paper payslips. Our solution myePayWindow offers a fully secure online platform that features SSL, two-factor authentication and encrypts documents to keep sensitive data safe.

Reduced costs: As electronic payslips a purely online, clients no longer have to pay the printing and posting fees, reducing their expenses.

IRIS myePayWindow

Our solution, myePayWindow aims to reduce the burden of producing client payslips by simplifying payroll processing.

By utilising the secure online platform, it’s far easier and quicker to publish your clients’:

  • Payslips
  • P60s
  • P11Ds
  • Work-place pension auto enrolment letters

For more information on how myePayWindow can benefit you and to request a call-back, click here.