How Cloud Accounting Can Simplify Expense Management for Your Clients

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Expenses can be a source of stress for many clients come Self Assessment time and throughout the year. Unfortunately, that often means stress for you too as their accountant.

A lot of clients, no matter how many times you remind them, forget about expenses or leave everything until the last minute. Keeping receipts, recording transactions is all a bit fiddly and time-consuming for some busy business owners.

However, when tax time comes around, they’re left shocked by a huge tax bill that could have been reduced significantly if only they had managed their expenses well. Some of them might even blame you, especially if you’ve promised to help them become more tax efficient. 

It’s frustrating, but we’ve made it our missions to make expense management simpler for everyone. Like most things, it works best when it’s made as simple as possible. The less work clients have to do, the more likely the records are going to be accurate rather than forgotten.

Automated bookkeeping software - an easier way to manage expenses

Automated, cloud-based bookkeeping is the first step in solving this problem. A solid, reliable system that takes the hard work out of managing expenses will be for the benefit of both yourself and your clients.

In many cases, linking up bank accounts to accounting software allows the software to automatically pull over transactions – both incoming and outgoing.

There’s no need for clients to manually input everything. They don’t even need to keep hold of receipts if using software with a Receipt Upload feature.

This is an ideal solution to the pain of expense management. Not only does cloud accounting make expense management less time consuming, it also has the following benefits:

A more secure way of managing expenses

One of the big benefits of using cloud-based services is that your data is protected as it runs through more than one server.

Fire, floods, theft, natural disasters mean goodbye to any data unless it is backed up in more than one location. While HMRC will be understanding over extenuating circumstances like these, it’s not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in.

We’d recommend using the cloud for your own firm’s data and also encouraging your clients to use it too just to be safe.

If either of you are concerned about the security of using cloud-based systems, we can confidently say that we’ve all come a long way since the early days of the cloud. Pandle uses the same technology that your bank uses - secure 128-bit SSL – and all data is encrypted.

Error-free records

The great thing about automation is that it can reduce the amount of errors falling through the cracks. Mistakes can and do happen and they can be costly if not picked up. With less manual data input, there’s less chance for human error to skew the records.

Go paper free

Paperwork spells danger in terms of errors and lost documents. With the cloud, there’s no need to rely so much on paperwork for records, expenses or notes.

This is good news for the environment and businesses – no need to carry on purchasing chunky filing cabinets that take up more room.

One of the reasons some clients struggle with expense management is because they don’t have a system in place to deal with paper receipts and invoices. They’re too easily lost or misplaced exactly when you need them.

With cloud accounting, clients can store digital versions of these receipts within the software. All they need is a camera phone to take a snap, upload it into the software and there goes the problem of lost receipts.

Go mobile

The modern day business person isn’t always glued to their desks. Sometimes they’re out and about and therefore require tools and apps that can follow them wherever they go.

The beauty of the cloud is that you can take the software wherever you want. All your clients need is a device and internet access to update their records on the move if they need to.

If your clients are working in another city and have business trip expenses, they can simply take a photo of their receipts and attach it to a transaction from their phone. There’s no need to take crumpled receipts home and wait until they’re in front of the office computer to update records.

Take the hassle out of expense management with Pandle

We believe that bookkeeping and expenses should be as simple as possible. We designed our software so that anyone from newbie entrepreneurs with no experience in business to accounting professionals could use it.

It’s entirely cloud-based and uses automation and machine learning to make bookkeeping a breeze. No more errors, no more lost receipts or partial records with Pandle.

If you’re interested in our software, you can partner with us in a couple of ways. Our basic package allows you to use our software to manage your clients’ accounts, and for them to manage their own records with little effort.

Our Brandle package goes a step further and provides you with our software that looks and feels like your very own. Instead of the Pandle logo, colour scheme and copy, your clients will see everything under your company branding.

To learn more about our partnering options, simply tell us a bit about yourselves through this link and we’ll provide you with the best solution we think meets your needs.