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How critical illness works in practice

23rd May 2024
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Following on from our brief overview of critical illness earlier this year, here’s a case study to illustrate just how beneficial critical illness cover can be.

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You might think you’d know for certain if you’ve had a had a heart attack, but a silent heart attack is different – defined as one that has no symptoms, mild symptoms or symptoms that people don't connect to a heart attack

Susan was diagnosed with a silent heart attack several years ago. She hadn’t realised the heart attack had taken place, but she had started to feel fatigued and fainted at work, so went to the doctors and was diagnosed. She was surprised to learn that the heart attack had taken place two years previously and she had surgery only a week later.

Thinking she would be fine, Susan went back to work very quickly (only three weeks after the surgery), but found she wasn’t ready. She was concerned about the lack of sick pay from her employer which would only cover six weeks income, but before the illness she had been given a bonus from work, so this helped to elevate some of her concerns.

It was two months after she had stopped working that Susan remembered that she had taken out critical illness insurance many years before when she got married. She wasn’t sure whether a claim would be successful but after discussing this with us, we confirmed that she was covered. The insurance company needed to see a few documents before confirming the payout. After reviewing the documents, the insurer confirmed three weeks later that her claim was successful and she would receive a substantial payout, which was in her account the next morning. Susan only recently returned to work, as the payout and bonus enabled her to take a substantial break from work to recover fully and avoid any financial difficulties.

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