How CRM can benefit your accountancy practice

30th Jan 2020
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Capsule CRM for accountants

You might think that accountancy is a numbers game. But the reality of being a modern cloud accountant and adviser in 2020 is that you’re running a relationship business – and that means having the right skills, resources and client relationship management (CRM) tools available to manage your existing and future client relationships.

But if you’re new to CRM, how can you maximise the key benefits for the practice and begin to see a positive impact on your relationships, business development and revenue?

Building deeper and stronger relationships

With more and more of the basic bookkeeping and compliance work now being automated, your clients will be looking to you for higher-value advice – and to make advisory services deliver effectively it’s important to build deeper relationships with your clients

To broaden your service offering and meet clients’ needs, it’s important to understand their mindset, ambitions and goals. This means increased communication, more touch points and a greater focus on client time and customer service. 

However, managing this increased client activity and keeping track of each interaction can become a complicated task. This is where a CRM system makes all the difference.

Key areas where CRM makes a difference

A CRM solution, like Capsule, gives you one central hub for recording all your client information, from the basics of company name, address and contact details, to information on their marketing preferences, notes from client meetings and updates on sales activity.

With an integrated CRM solution, your firm can:

Nurture existing client relationships – with a robust and flexible CRM system, it’s far easier to take good care of your current client portfolio. You have a clear overview of the client’s business, and a breadcrumb trail of every interaction, task and comment.

Make prospecting easier and more granular – when targeting new clients, you can enter details of each interaction and track the prospect’s evolution from ‘cold target’ to ‘warm prospect’. This streamlines business development and helps you with targeting.

Keep on top of task management – being able to track your business development and customer service tasks helps you stay in control. You can clearly see which tasks are completed, which are outstanding and the workflow position of each client.

Access better client data and segmentation – with the ability to track, measure and analyse your historical client data, it’s possible to run superior client reporting. Track your clients by revenue, by service type or by business type, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business strategy and your marketing aims.

Customise planning and forecasting – access to granular client data also makes it simpler to plan and forecast the future path of the firm. Based on your client data and accounting information, you can look further down the road and inform your firm strategy

Practising what you preach – using CRM software

By putting a quality CRM platform at the heart of your firm, you don’t just improve your own client relationships. You also give yourself the hands-on knowledge and CRM experience to recommend this CRM approach to your clients.

By adding CRM and software advice to your service offerings, you continue to broaden your firm’s appeal and add the high value that today’s clients expect from an adviser.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of CRM for your firm? Try our free 30-day trial of Capsule CRM and see the difference it makes to your client management.