How Do You Achieve Better Clients and Better Sales? Finding New Profits For Your Firm

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How do you achieve a better calibre of client and better sales?

This is one of the main questions accounting firms have found themselves thinking about it, and it bears some thought. The hope is that by nurturing the smaller companies coming through the door, one will break through and become a good one.

There are two keys way by which you can grow your accounting practice to achieve these goals:

  • One is to get more clients which will increase total sales volume
  • The other way to get more money out of the existing client base

The way the traditional standard boilerplate stuff is to choose the clients that have the best billing potential, give them more time and charge them more. And you must be ruthless with the small guys that don't pay much, and get them on monthly standard orders.

The other advice you will likely receive is to get into advisory, but looking at the current climate, that is not quite the same as what we offer. There is an important dichotomy between what we think and the way we are perceived. All these other bits of software that accountants see don’t have the same uses, but they say similar things.

However, we give you a better way to look into client finances, and our Business Dashboard® enables your clients to see what their future client is going to look like. It’s a powerful tool, if used correctly, and can help you retain clients and improve profits.

The truth is, other softwares on the market won’t help you diversify...but they will make it look like they will. We offer a pathway towards building sustainable business advice, fundamentally different to the accountancy services offered, and thereby helping practices build new revenue streams.

Our software helps you understand not just your client's financial stream, but also other key parts of their business such as marketing, systems, operations. We’ve built something that allows you to go from 15-20% into client business, to 100% client business.

Isn’t that worth a shot? Contact us today to learn more.