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24th Mar 2020
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I’ve used KeyPay payroll since its inception and have watched it grow into a huge and powerful product. I don’t pretend to utilise all of its features, because we are a pretty simple lot here, but I use as much of it as I possibly can. Call me a nerd, but I enjoy it!

At KeyPay, we practice what we preach - so of course we would use our own product internally to improve the way we work. KeyPay allows us to streamline our processes, and by using it every day, we also become aware of areas that could be improved, or new enhancements we could include that would benefit us, and therefore our customers. When bureaux use KeyPay they can feel confident knowing that we use our own product to its full potential, and benefit from the value that it could bring to their clients.

So how does KeyPay use KeyPay?

Managing the team with WorkZone

Firstly, all of our employees use WorkZone or the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal every day. I especially love WorkZone because it’s right there on my phone and a really handy place to go to to see payslips or even check important personal information like bank account details (even if it’s nothing to do with work - I’ve used this myself when telling a friend where to EFT payment for that wine we bought together!) 

The team use Employee Self Service for:

Expense claims - I’ve shown them all how I want their expenses to show up, and they are a wonderfully cooperative bunch - all expenses are clearly labelled with date periods and attachments where required and this means on payday I can follow a process to quickly and easily track/manage ongoing claims.

Leave requests  - the approver can quickly and easily see who else has already put in a leave request for the same period (using the leave calendar) before deciding whether to approve a leave request or not

Timesheets - we don’t use timesheets as a rule (we are all permanent or part-time employees paid “earnings by default”) but we do use timesheets to accrue Time in Lieu - once approved these timesheets flow into the pay run and the employee’s leave balance is adjusted.

The beauty of the above features is that not only can these actions be done by employees on WorkZone, but they can be approved by bureau managers in the app or from the desktop, too. So all of these processes can be completed via your phone, the computer on the run anytime anywhere eliminating back and forth emails and calls with client employees.

For pay run management and processing our weekly pays, I use:

Pay run tasks: A super-easy way for me to be notified if/when an employee is due a pay rise and when to backdate it to.

ePayslips: One feature that has made my life so much easier are KeyPay’s cloud features including document hosting for ePayslips and P60s. After a payrun there is no need for me to upload payslips, everything is lodged in the cloud, with past employees able to access their data so I don’t have to spend time finding old payslips or documents.

Pay run journals: KeyPay integrates with an array of accounting platforms, including Quickbooks, Xero and Netsuite. With our open API KeyPay is able to automate Journal uploads automatically to a desired accounting platforms upon the finalisation of each pay run. 

Roster: The KeyPay support team are here to answer our customers’ questions between 8 am and 6 pm (Syd time) Monday to Friday. That’s a long day, so the supporters work one of two shifts: 8 am-4 pm or 10 am-6 pm. We use the roster to make sure everyone knows which shift they are supposed to be working on any given day and that there are enough people “on duty” to cover.

Pension automation: I use KeyPay’s built-in integration with pensiosync to automate pension processes including auto-enrolment, notifications and pension scheme integration. It takes minutes to set up - I can’t imagine how it could be made any easier.

Calendar feeds: What a cool tool! On my Google calendar I can see who is planning on taking leave of any kind so I can plan my own (yes, personal) arrangements around this when/where required.

Reports: The support team are constantly using these in their investigations for support tickets. You can find out almost anything you need to know about what was done and when.

KeyPay is not just a tool that my company sells. We live and breathe it - and use it to our fullest advantage to ensure our workforce processes are as simple as possible. Running the payroll is just a side-gig to my main role as the Support Team Lead. Without KeyPay, I’m sure I’d be spending a lot more time compiling and inputting data, and fixing payroll issues - and wouldn’t have the time I do have to use my skills to their full advantage (and write blogs like these!).

Interested in seeing how your bureau could benefit from KeyPay? Try KeyPay today! - free for 30 days.