How much is email chaos costing your firm? 3 questions you should be asking.

2nd Sep 2019
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How much is email chaos costing your firm?
3 Questions you should be asking


Relying on Microsoft Outlook’s inbox or folders in Outlook as your filing system guarantees you’re burning time, not to mention the risk of losing data.

1. How much is email chaos costing?

Staff wasting 15 minutes a day at £60 per hour costs:

5 employees £16,200 p.a.

10 employees £32,400 p.a.

20 employees £64,800 p.a.

2. Am I confident that all emails are reliably recorded and safe?

It’s boring admin. Doing it manually will never be 100% accurate because users are too busy. Some emails won’t be filed.  You’ll never know. This never-ending chore is a waste of time.

If users get emails containing complaints, they can delete them. It might be accidental. Security on emails is none-existent. Outlook doesn’t stop client emails being deleted.

To organise emails by jobs within Outlook folders, you need a cumbersome hierarchy of folders which duplicates data you have elsewhere. Email inboxes get overloaded and eventually need archiving and you’ll lose the ability to search them quickly.

3. Do I need a single view of client communications?

You had this in paper files before computers, so it doesn’t make sense to take a backward step into chaos, with information in too many places. With staff responsible for their own inboxes you have no idea what’s being said to clients and vice versa.

If you need to provide a summary of communications (for example to a liquidator or a client under GDPR regulations) you’ll waste time finding and collating all the emails from all the different inboxes.

Without a single view, you’ll never be 100% efficient. The endless treadmill of risky, costly drudgery trundles on.

The solution is available now….

Logical Office auto-copies Ms-Outlook emails to the correct client files/jobs.

No decision making or mouse clicking!

You see which emails are filed in Outlook so you can delete them.

Your inbox is reduced to only emails requiring a reply/action.

You see a complete up-to-date history of emails filed in the client file, along with other documents, telephone call notes etc.

You know what all your colleagues are saying to clients and vice versa.

It’s easy to confidently scrutinise the client file across all jobs and staff.

Emails are safe and can’t be deleted from client files without authorisation.

Thousands of pounds of wasted time saved.

Why fritter time and money when there’s a simple solution?

Logical Office is a better way of working and pays for itself many times over.

It doesn’t just file emails!

Logical Office automates client reminders, gets documents e-signed with two mouse clicks, records and bills time, sends mail shots, updates accounting dates from Companies House and much more.

Sensible Practice Management that pays for itself.

Stop the chaos! Contact us now

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