How NEW LITE CRM returns ten times monthly investment of £20+Vat

Brought to you by Logical Office Ltd

The maths of efficiency is easy – a child can do it.

Logical Office LITE makes the equation compelling at less than £5+VAT a week.


Hourly rate: say £50 per hour

Time saved: typically, 75 minutes, but say one hour per week

So, £5 invested returns £50 weekly = £200 per month

Actually, this is pessimistic – many users waste more than 15 minutes per day fiddling with emails, searching all over the place because their client files are split into emails somewhere, documents somewhere else, and file notes goodness-knows where.

It’s much faster working at the speed of LITE e.g. finding all your emails for any client/job is done in under 10 seconds.

See how fast it is at

LITE organises your data logically (of course) and streamlines how you send emails, write letters and send text messages – doing it fifty times faster using templates.

Working in a PAPERLESS OFFICE with a POST ROOM and easy scanning gives you a single view of all client communications.

LITE also manages all your emails by copying them to client files from Outlook – which you continue to use as usual, but knowing the status of all emails without searching or filing.

New clients add from Companies House in seconds for client on-boarding or prospecting.

GDPR is taken care of so you know the mailing status of all contacts.

Sending documents with FREE encryption takes seconds.

And with LITE, as your business grows you can add Time Recording, Mail Shots, Accounts (XERO), and Workflows to automate client reminders, Portal & E-Signatures.

Logical Office “bolts-on” to many SQL-based systems like IRIS, DIGITA, TAXCALC and CCH.

Why waste time, when you can turn it into billable hours?

LITE: light on your pocket, and heavy on features!

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