How to boost employee happiness

10th Jan 2020
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Digital tools and techniques can help employers strengthen their relationship with their employees, increasing job satisfaction, productivity and employee retention. 


We spend a big percentage of our lives at work. Many employees see their colleagues and managers more often than their family and friends, so it is very important to create a corporate culture that is attractive and makes everyone comfortable during their working hours. 

In some professions, including accountancy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain skilled and well-prepared employees, so it is essential to come up with initiatives that make all members of staff feel valued.


We all need time to rest. The accountancy profession goes through the busiest time of the year in the run-up to the 31 January, but all professions have to deal with stressful times. It is important to give employees the ability to request time off in a way that works for them and their employers. 

Technology can help you create a digital culture that puts your employees at the heart of your organisation. 

Self-service portals are now making the most of technology and collaboration in the cloud to give employees autonomy. With BrightPay Connect, employers can give employees the option to submit their leave requests through the portal or the mobile app. 

Employers will then see a notification with the request, which they can approve, reject, view or edit as required. Once approved, the employee gets an email notification confirming this, and their calendar view is updated to reflect the changes. 

With a self-service app, employees can easily keep track of their leave requests and much more, including the personal information their employer holds on them and all their previous payslips.

Flexible working

Happy employees equal more productivity and profit. It sounds obvious, yet many employers still struggle with offering their employees the conditions and tools they need to create a positive workplace culture and job satisfaction. 

One of the most important contributors to employee happiness and productivity is work-life balance. Many employers now offer flexible working initiatives to give their employees the ability to choose when to work and where to do it from. 

However, it is also important to provide employees with the right tools to do this. Those who work remotely need software that will allow them to do the same tasks they would do in the office. Cloud technology is making this possible. 

In the world of payroll, BrightPay Connect enables employees to work and collaborate with other colleagues as usual, no matter where they are. By sharing administrative access to all your clients with your colleagues on the cloud, you don’t need to be in the office to be productive. 

Finding the right tech tools for you and your employees is essential to boost employee satisfaction. Find out more about how BrightPay Connect and its self-service app can help.