How to cash in on your payroll services

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Payroll processing is often sighed at by accountants. Previously, the effort and workload involved with payroll just didn’t seem worthwhile in a lot of cases. Things are now changing and payroll services are being expected by clients, especially those with a large number of employees.

Fortunately for accountants, these changes represent immense opportunities. Using the right payroll software package can not only streamline the payroll process but can also increase the services offered by the accountant while enabling them to grow their profits!

BrightPay payroll software is an affordable and user-friendly payroll package. Our bureau licence includes CIS, P11D’s, auto enrolment and a payroll journal export to accounts packages. The annual licence fee also includes phone and email support.

BrightPay also offers an automated cloud backup and employee self-service portal. Using this in addition to BrightPay not only offers ample benefits but can also see accountants cashing in on payroll services!

BrightPay Connect gives accountants and payroll bureaus the opportunity to really bulk up the services they can offer their clients. Using the payroll add-on enables an automatic cloud backup, employee payslip portal, an annual leave management system, a HR document upload facility, an intuitive bureau/client dashboard and so much more.

BrightPay Connect is priced per employer with bulk discounts available for payroll bureaus with multiple clients. This allows payroll bureaus to charge their clients the original price (£49 + VAT) but they could potentially only be paying as little as £12.49 per Connect licence (200 employer pack).

One example is a payroll bureau that has 20 clients that want BrightPay Connect. Each client would pay the bureau £49 for the additional services. Using the bulk discount model, 20 licences would only cost the bureau £599 + VAT (£29.95 per licence). That’s a potential profit for the payroll bureau of £381.

Book a free 20-minute demo today. The demo will go through how BrightPay Connect works on a daily basis and the functionality it offers.

Written by Cailin Reilly | BrightPay Payroll Software

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