How to choose the right accounting software

23rd Nov 2020
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Choosing the right accounting software can make a big difference to not only how you work, but how your clients manage their finances.

Look at your client’s needs

Different clients have different needs depending on the size and type of their business. Some smaller clients won’t need the extensive features provided by larger paid software, and instead can save money by using a streamlined free software.

Finding a software that meets your client’s needs, but also makes your job easier is key. Look for software with automated features that can save you time, like automatically generating VAT Returns and reports.

Find the features you need

Once you know what you and your clients want from an accounting software, you can start looking for features that will make your job easier.

Bank feeds

Bank feeds are a great way to make bookkeeping fast and easy. Your client connects their bank account to the bookkeeping software, and all transactions are imported automatically. All you need to do is record them.

Bulk recording transactions

If you’re using bank feeds and have lots of similar transactions, bulk recording helps you do it at once. This is a time-saving tool to make repetitive tasks quick, so you can spend your time on other tasks.

Receipt recognition

If your clients want to record transactions by uploading receipts, choosing a software that recognises the numbers and dates is a great idea. If you’re using bank feeds instead, make sure you can attach receipts and other documents to the transactions in case HMRC requires any evidence from.

Using a mobile app means your clients can upload receipts and expenses on the go. Bokio’s free receipt capture mobile app lets your clients snap a picture and automatically upload the receipt, so you can record it for them when you login to Bokio online.

Integrated bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses

To get the full benefits of using an accounting software for both you and your clients, choose one with integrated features. When you don’t need to switch between software for different tasks, you’ll have all the information you need in one place to manage your client’s accounting.

Bokio has integrated bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses management. So, you’ll have everything you need to get your client’s accounting done.

Automated reporting

Easy-to-understand automated reports, with more in depth options available work well for both you and your clients. They can access reports to get an overview of their finances. With Bokio, you can also export reports to Excel if you want to do a more in depth analysis.

Automate VAT Returns

To keep Making Tax Digital submissions simple, choose a software that lets you submit an automated VAT Return. With Bokio, a free Making Tax Digital software, this is generated automatically from your accounting.

About Bokio

Bokio’s free accounting software offers bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses management. It’s a great solution for collaborating with smaller clients, like small businesses, sole traders and freelancers. Bokio helps you save time and money by using automation, so you can focus on offering high value advisory services.