How to communicate with clients about MTD

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Given that VAT is going digital starting in April 2019, learning how to communicate with clients about MTD is now a priority for UK accountants.

MTD needs to be collaboration between accountants and companies, as accountants are reliant on regular data from clients.

To help you effectively communicate the changes that MTD will bring with your clients, we will be compiling tips in a new series of articles. Here is a preview of the advice you will find in the first piece, which you can read in full here:

Explain the purpose of MTD

Many businesses aren’t still aware of the fact that they will be affected by MTD. Making sure that they understand what MTD is about and how they will benefit will make them more likely to be proactive and get the right processes in place as soon as possible.

Do a test VAT submission

Doing a test without the pressure will give you the opportunity to compile a list of changes to improve the process and be ready when it becomes mandatory. Giving them first-hand experience provides them the possibility to learn and get ready by training their own staff.

For more tips about how to communicate with your clients about MTD, read the full article here.