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How to create a failproof payroll approval process

11th May 2022
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Processing payroll for clients can be frustrating. Waiting on time sheets, adding new employees to the payroll, calculating leave, and dealing with last-minute changes, can all add up to create a very slow and arduous payroll process. What makes it even more difficult is the pressure to get it right the first time, every time. Making payroll mistakes is not an option. Whose fault the mistake is, yours or the client’s is irrelevant as it will still undoubtedly affect your relationship with them. More worryingly, it could have long-term repercussions on you and your firm’s reputation.   

Using a client entry system and creating a payroll approval process can not only help with those last-minute frustrations but it can also help eliminate mistakes and give you better peace of mind.  


How can BrightPay Connect help with a client entry system?  

BrightPay Connect is an optional cloud add-on to BrightPay’s payroll software, a desktop-based programme. The cloud application offers additional features, enhancing the payroll software and improving the payroll workflow. It also helps create a failsafe where mistakes can be caught before payroll processing proceeds. It achieves this with its client payroll entry and client payroll approval features.  

With the Payroll Entry Request, you can request the most up to date payroll information from your clients. Within their own employer dashboard, the client can enter the employees' hours worked, make changes to additions or deductions, and add new starters including entering their contact information, the NI number, tax code and starter declaration. Once the client submits this information, it will flow through to your portal, ready to be downloaded and added to the payroll software.  

Before you finalise your client’s payroll, you can use the Payroll Approval Request to notify them that they must approve the payroll run. To do this, the client reviews a summary of the payroll information and if everything is correct, approves the payroll request through their online employer dashboard. You will be notified once this has occurred and you can then proceed with finalising the payroll. This feature helps to ensure that the client is actively involved and responsible for providing the correct payroll information. It also reduces the chance of mistakes being made and holds the client more accountable.  

Create more transparency with an audit trail  

In addition to the payroll entry and approval requests, BrightPay Connect also provides an audit trail of all payroll summaries approved by your client. In the audit trail, you can view outstanding requests, files awaiting approval, and files approved and ready to be downloaded. The audit trail keeps a record of each step taken by you and your client. This feature, a customer favourite, makes the payroll service more transparent and reduces the risk of liability, if an issue does occur.  

Further benefits of a payroll approval process 

Approval entry and approval requests undoubtedly create a reliable and effective payroll workflow, but it also has a number of other added benefits, including:  

Save time: 

With the entry and approval requests, the client must provide the most recent payroll information. This ensures you have the most accurate information and there is no need for you to enter the information in twice, saving you a significant amount of time. Additionally, employee information (such as a new phone number or address) can be added to Connect by either the employer or the employee, and it automatically updates the employee’s file on the payroll software. Timesheets can also be sent through the Connect portal in CSV format which can then be downloaded and imported to an employer’s file. A customer recently told us BrightPay Connect helped cut down on her payroll processing time by nearly two thirds.  

Improve accuracy:  

Similarly, by no longer needing to manually upload timesheets, you can cut down on double entry mistakes. Double entry mistakes are notorious for taking up time and causing unnecessary headaches. Having a system that allows information to flow directly from the client to the payroll software eliminates this.  

Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth:  

The request feature automatically notifies you and the client by email of a request made or a request completed. This helps cut down unnecessary back and forth between you and your clients, again reducing the amount of time payroll processing takes you.  

Discover more  

Interested in learning more about the payroll entry and approval functionality? Book a free online demo here for a detailed walkthrough of everything BrightPay Connect can offer you and your clients.