How to create digital 'business as usual' with centralised systems, connected staff and clients, and automated workflows during the COVID-19 crisis.

27th Mar 2020
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How to run your business remotely: services including corporation tax, self-assessment, VAT, MTD and payroll, as well as accounts receivable and payable, can remain ‘business as usual’.

Maintain productivity, team connection and secure document access in a home-working business.

A week on from our last post, the UK is now in lock down. We at Document Logistix hope that you are coping in the current medical climate, and keep safe. These are difficult times for businesses. If you are new to home working or remote working, we would would be happy to offer some advice based on our twenty five years’ experience helping companies in every sector - including accounting and finance - to establish digital workflows for every document type in a secure central hub.

Most people we know have found ways to transfer files to keep work moving and also to conference, when necessary, to collaborate, assign tasks, make amendments and approve documents. Depending on the complexity and magnitude of the workload, too many manual processes will quickly render the business inefficient. The aim for any business is to keep everyone safe, in the short term, and to return to full operations in as positive a position as possible when the COVID-19 crisis is declared over.

We recommend looking into a secure centralised digital hub where documents can be input, indexed, assigned and added to an automated workflow.

The files, data and documents of Accountants’ clients can be held securely and compliantly, while staff are able to see their tasks in a flexible dashboard. Checkpoints and alerts can be created so that work automatically passes efficiently through standardised workflows. Managers are able to ensure that there is no drop off in client service and communications. It is also possible to automate the simpler client communications - the ones you believe do not require the personal touch.

We can help you to access, assign, share and approve documents and data, to stay productive and connected with your team. Our systems are designed – for ‘normal’ times – to help customers achieve secure access from any location and create maximum workflow efficiency.

During the months ahead we may well see a trend towards adopting more sophisticated digital systems, and entrenched teleworking, that translate into the accepted business process norms in years to come. There are potentially some positive process management and efficiency lessons to be learned, that will translate into improved staff productivity and work/life balance, as well as enhanced client communications and satisfaction.

Our established, award-winning document management system integrates with all leading platforms and accounting software. If you are looking for ways to reduce and automate administrative tasks in order to concentrate on more important and valuable activities, we can help.

If working remotely is something that is causing you and your business concern at the moment, we would like to try to ease your situation, and provide some positive, practical advice. If any of your staff are struggling to manage tasks remotely, there are proven systems that will help their situation.

We wish everyone a safe passage.

Here are some features and benefits of working from home with Document Manager, our digital document management software that won product of the year 2019.

  • Centralised access for all, with controlled access levels
  • Easy, fast search and retrieval functions
  • Easy document filing from remote locations
  • Assistance with a standardised approach and policies for working from home
  • Integration with Sage and all other leading accounting platforms
  • Increased efficiency working with HMRC
  • Simple document sharing and routing
  • Automated workflows from input to finalisation
  • Checkpoint and scheduling alerts
  • Customer Services still have access to queries and answers to questions
  • Annotations and document notes make collaboration easier
  • Compliance: no need to copy files or remove them from the secure hub
  • Environmentally friendly (Green)
  • Security and risk management: files are not duplicated
  • Retention and access: documents created at home are in Document Manager with retention assigned and appropriate access control
  • Auditable: all activity is user associated and time-stamped, which makes monitoring simple and removes the stress surrounding internal and external audits

We will try our best to help you find the right solution to maintain or improve your business operations and workflow by enabling your business or practice to continue with minimum disruption to service. Staff can work very effectively from home during these highly uncertain times brought about by COVID-19. Please feel free to get in touch for no-obligation advice about your particular circumstances. 

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