How to get succession planning right

Brought to you by Capium

Capium’s succession planning guide compiles all the tips that will help you increase the value of your practice and make the best decision for a lucrative retirement.

All the recent changes in the profession such as the new technology and compliance requirements and the shift in the role of the traditional accountant are making many accountants contemplate the option of selling their practice.

If you are considering retiring from your practice, this guide will help you determine what the best course of action is depending on your circumstances so that you can enjoy a successful and lucrative retirement.

To help you make the best decisions when preparing to sell your practice, this guide considers the following areas:

  • Valuation: Your firm is worth what the buyers are willing to pay, but how can you increase the value of your practice?
  • Options: Explore the different options for exiting your business and decide which one is the best for you
  • Staff: Decide what to do with your staff when you sell up
  • Post exit: Considering what  you will do after you sell your practice

Download Capium’s Succession Planning guide here