How to help micro clients with their business plan

28th Sep 2021
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A business plan can be instrumental in helping small businesses grow. It’s not only a useful tool for securing funding like business loans or investment, but also for guiding strategic planning for the future.

Finances are one of the most important parts of a business plan. Getting this right at an early stage can help a small business grow to success. Here’s how you can help your clients make the best business plan possible.

Budgeting and projections

Offer your expertise with help creating a realistic business budget. It’s not only important for the business plan to be accurate, but also for clients to understand how their business could actually perform. Longer term financial projections can also be helpful to creating a well rounded business plan.

Business targets

Once a budget is in place, it’s important for business owners to understand how to get to their projected figures. Giving advice around sales targets to reach can help inform business owners strategy, both in marketing and within the business.

Securing funding

Beyond the business plan, you can help your clients secure funding or pitch for investment too. If there are more in depth reporting requirements for funding applications or a pitch deck, offer your services. 

When it comes to securing investment and adding debt to the business, it’s important your clients only take on what they can afford. Your expertise is incredibly valuable in helping them make the right decisions for their business and secure finance which is sustainable in the long term.

Next steps

Once the business plan is finished and funding is secured, you can continue offering advisory services to help your clients understand their finances and plan for the future. Monitoring cash flow, handling tax and financial planning are all important aspects of running a business, big or small.

Micro clients often have their hands full with the day-to-day activities of running their business. Taking on the financial aspects of their business will not only give them the right information to make decisions, but can also help to build trust with your clients for a great long term relationship.

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