How to identify eligible clients and projects

25th Oct 2021
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We work with our accountant users every day to help them deliver a cost effective, comprehensive, and compliant R&D tax service to their clients through the provision of our WhisperClaims software. Since our launch in late 2018, we’ve developed a clear understanding of the areas that most concern our users in offering a service for themselves, rather than outsourcing or simply letting their clients “do their own thing”.

Chief amongst their questions are those relating to client and project eligibility – just what kind of things can my client claim for?

The guidance relating to the R&D scheme is around 500 pages long, and whilst there are shorter guides produced by HMRC, it’s difficult for anyone new to this area to decipher what’s eligible and what isn’t and this often puts accountants off exploring how to build claims for themselves.

Given that our mission is to empower accountants with software that enables them to deliver a cost-effective R&D tax service to their clients, we recognised that do this effectively we have to provide not just our software, but the best possible support and advice too, and we do that in five key ways:

  1. Comprehensive technical and advisory content on our website
  2. A range of e-books, which give help and support in specific areas, including assessing scheme eligibility and sales & marketing
  3. Regular open webinars
  4. Training courses, focussing on building core knowledge in the scheme 
  5. In-app help and support, including live chat within the WhisperClaims app itself where you can literally ask our team anything about the scheme

In our ebook “Your guide to identifying eligible clients”, we outline some tools and techniques for reviewing client pipelines for eligible work, understanding obvious and some less obvious R&D cases and how to make a risk assessment of your clients and their claims. This is backed up by case studies across those obvious and less obvious categories.

So, if you’re interested in joining the 150+ firms using our software, and want to access some of the help and support that has seen them identify over £200m of eligible R&D spend for their clients using our tech, then please get in touch!


Looking to expand your service offering?

The WhisperClaims software is the only fully-automated solution designed entirely to enable accountants to deliver cost-effective, robust R&D tax relief claim for their clients, maintaining brand identity and without the need to outsource.

  • 300+ accountant users nationally
  • Over 1,000 claims processed to date
  • £100 million identified in eligible spend, with over £25m given back to SMEs in tax benefits

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