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Logical Office replaces manual effort and streamlines client service.

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How to improve sales and marketing with CRM

6th Jul 2022
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Logical Office replaces manual effort and streamlines client service.

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Want better sales & marketing? CRM makes it easy, effective and affordable.

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The pattern of most sales is a 3 step process.

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Send Quotation
  3. Follow Up

Many sales are lost because following up takes time which busy accountants don’t have.

CRM helps at every stage.


At initial contact, data is captured about the individual and/or company from Companies House.

The database is updated and a new account created as a Sales Opportunity.


After data setup the CRM:

  • Sends a confirmation to the prospect
  • Creates an action to send a sales quotation
  • If appropriate, automatically sends prices

CRM writes quotations for you based on these variables:

  • Services required
  • Frequency of services
  • Standard value of services

Once the services required are defined the CRM can, if desired, uplift prices based on:

  • Company turnover for corporates
  • Quality of books
  • Number of employees
  • Payroll Variables if this service is required

Time consuming and error-prone calculations are avoided.

The CRM produces a detailed sales quotation in seconds.

This can be a one page pricing or a complete detailed proposal.

Sending it to the client as a PDF is a few mouse clicks or automatic.


At the third stage (Follow Up) the CRM:

  • Automatically sends reminders to the client requesting feedback
  • Sends further sales emails reminding the client why they should order
  • Creates follow up actions to call the client

These activities happen at pre-set times after the job status reaches Follow Up.

Standard templates contain the wording for follow ups and data merge codes.

Emails can be sent automatically, or added to action lists so users can view/edit the email before sending to give the personal touch.

The CRM tracks and records all emails sent to and received from the prospect.


Depending on the type of service, and size of your business, it’s essential to have custom statuses which suit your sales process.

CRM  shows reports of all Sales Opportunities and their values.

Reports show the current value of prospects being followed up.

Users know exactly when to call.


  • Data Capture avoids typing and typing errors, so saves time
  • Writing quotations is faster and more accurate
  • Follow ups get done on-time and prospects don’t get forgotten
  • Long term “keep in touch” emails can be sent
  • All communications are tracked, including
    • Notes of phone calls
    • Emails in/out
    • Sales Quotations
    • Text messages sent

Sales improve and prospects aren’t forgotten

Logical Office provides these functions but also seamlessly moves the prospect on-board as a client because it

  • Sends engagement letters
  • Sets up the client jobs
  • Adds Workflows for each job
  • Does AML checks
  • Records ID data

The prospect is moved from the sales process into a streamlined Practice Management and Email Management system without data re-entry or using other software.

Logical Office also works with SQL databases IRIS, DIGITA and TAXCALC so sales and marketing is done for existing clients as well as prospects.

The Mail Shot program sends graphical or text-based emails without requiring other software.

High volume mail shots are easy with integration to bulk providers SparkPost and MailGun.

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