How to increase the value of your payroll bureau

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Besides protecting your data and providing you access to your files anywhere, cloud platforms can also add value to your bureau.

Many businesses are moving to the cloud to store their payroll data so that they can still work when they are at home or on the move.

But besides the usual benefits you can think storing your payroll data in the cloud can bring, the benefits of the cloud can also help you be more profitable by allowing you to offer new services and better client service. Here are some of the ways your software can increase the profitability of your bureau:

Value added services

If you want to make your payroll bureau profitable, you need to offer innovative services to your clients and increase their client satisfaction. When your clients’ payroll data is on the cloud you can do this by offering an online portal.

Cloud portals allow your clients to log in and see a personalised dashboard and share HR documentation and relevant payroll information with their employees.

A portal can be very useful for both the employer (your client) and their employees, by giving both a higher level of control, for example, when it comes to requesting and approving leave or updating employee data.

Better communication accountant-employer

BrightPay Connect makes collaboration easier between employees, the employers and your payroll bureau. Besides the obvious benefits that this enhanced communication can have for your workflow, this can also translate into happier clients!


Bureau branding

What if you could also make your chosen payroll software solution look as if it was your own bureau’s? BrightPay connect allows you to add your own logo to the portal so that it is the first thing your clients see, bringing consistency to your client communication.


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