How to integrate CRM into your practice processes

7th Feb 2020
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Integrate your CRM

Nurturing your client relationships is a vital part of being a successful, modern accountancy firm. As we highlighted in the previous post  a good client relationship management (CRM) system has many benefits for a practice that’s looking to improve client service, reduce admin time and get a better handle on client communication.

However, to get the true potential from your CRM system, it needs to be simple to implement and easy to use – so your team can be up and running with minimal hassle.

Getting your team up to speed with CRM

Looking after your client relationships, and keeping proper records of these interactions, has to be a team effort. So, if everyone is going to pitch in and learn a brand new CRM software system, it needs a methodical approach to teaching them the basics.

Block out some training time with your team and introduce them to your new system. At this stage, it’s important to outline the aims of your new client strategy and to explain how a CRM platform, like Capsule, helps achieve these relationship goals. Show them the basics, run them through some tasks and demonstrate how straightforward it is to track their client interactions. 

To get the ball rolling, assign some tasks to each team member and make them responsible for updating their own client information. Capsule shows you tasks that are overdue or due in the next few days on the dashboard, and there’s also a helpful calendar view – so there’s no excuse for not being in control of the management of your CRM tasks.

Customise your CRM system to add more value

Tailoring your CRM system to your team’s exact needs is the next stage. Have a conversation with everyone in the firm about how they’d like to track client information and their chosen client communication channels – and ask about additional tools they may want to access.

With Capsule at the heart of your new practice processes, you can:

Customise the look and feel of your CRM platform – change the branding and colour scheme of your CRM interface to match the firm’s brand and style. 

Create custom fields and lists – tailor the data fields so you can record relevant information and create custom lists to segment your clients. 

Personalise your CRM system – choose additional apps and solutions from the Capsule Add-ons & Integrations page and expand the functionality of your system

Integrate with Zapier – connect to other software integrations using the Zapier platform, opening up connections to an even greater selection of digital tools. 

Connect with cloud accounting – Capsule integrates with a range of online accounting platforms. Manage your bookkeeping and invoicing via your cloud accounting platform, and integrate this data with Capsule, to give a 360 degree view of client relationships.

Download the mobile app – stay in touch with your client information wherever you are. Check the app to view contact information and all the latest client interactions.

Start using Capsule with your team

If you’re looking to update and streamline your client processes, now’s the time to sign up for Capsule CRM – and see the difference it makes to your client management.

Try Capsule free for 30 days, or choose from our Professional package for small firms, or the Team package for growing practices with larger teams. 

Sign up here and transform your CRM processes