How to keep documents confidential in a shared network

14th May 2019
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Networks are great for sharing files, but what happens when you don't want to share some of them?

  • You want to restrict documents to just yourself, or a combination of users.
  • You don’t want different databases with duplicated data because this wastes time and means constantly switching programs.
  • You want access to the same clients and paperless office features as your colleagues.
  • You don’t want confidential emails in client files so you don’t use email auto-filing.
  • You want to control which documents are public.

Logical Office’s new Document Security feature solves these problems.

Every document is assigned with a security control level, so only authorised users see it.

Users have a default setting, which you can override when adding new files.

Document Security has several practical benefits.

Users hide documents for different departments yet still work on the same client files.

Users working on confidential matters restrict files to themselves or other group members.

A partner working on Annual Accounts and Corporate Acquisitions sees all files for those job types, whereas another user working just on Annual Accounts doesn’t see anything relating to Corporate Acquisitions.

Each user sees only files relevant to them and other useful shared information.

The security extends to the network itself so users can’t access files outside of Logical Office.

You (or our team) alone see auto-filed emails before deciding which ones to make public, which is done in bulk or one at a time.

Data duplication is avoided, and users can be members of any teams even a team of one person.

The Logical Office Document Manager assigns Document Security to existing files as part of setup, and also moves files from your default setting to any other security types.


Document Security

  • Keeps confidential emails “for your eyes” only
  • Allows departments to see only relevant files
  • Provides uses with full flexibility over what type of files they see
  • Makes it easy to “disclose” files to other groups individually or in bulk
  • Protects confidential files from prying eyes at network level


Logical Office is a complete Paperless Office solution. The seamless integration of encryption, portal and e-signing complete the list of features you need to streamline dealing with clients in full compliance with GDPR.

Contact Logical Office now for more details about how you can solve your Security and GDPR problems.

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