How to make self assessments easier in 2020

28th Jan 2020
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The January panic is like a seasonal migration of accountants chasing clients at the last minute.

Deadlines lead to stress and invite errors.

I know an accountant who writes all the SAs on a whiteboard and crosses them off one by one in a annual ritual!

Doing SA admin manually is a waste of time and not best use of expensive staff.

Logical Office solves this problem.

Our SA Workflow automatically sends reminders by email way before the deadlines.

Text reminders are also be sent for specified clients known to be tardy, or all of them.

If clients don't send data further reminders are sent.

A spreadsheet style view shows the status of all SA jobs.

However, unlike Excel you can't destroy data accidentally.

All emails are auto-filed from Ms-Outlook to provide an up-to-date record of communications.

Notes are added to make sure the client history is 100% up-to-date and available to all staff.

This makes it easier to deal with work when staff are absent.

Workflows provide a system working alongside staff and automating the boring repetitive aspects.

The Logical Office workflow library includes deadline management for VAT, SAs, Annual Accounts, P11Ds, Payrolls, Bookkeeping, Management Accounts and Confirmation Statements.

Contact us now for more details about how to streamline and “staff-proof” your busy office.

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